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the antonym of serene in english

  what is the antonym of serene, what is the antonyms of the word serene, what are some antonyms of serene, antonyms of serene in english, serene opposite word in english, serene opposite word, opposite of serene in english, what is the opposite of serene, two antonyms of serene, antonyms of word serene, serene antonyms in English. the antonym of serene in English / opposite words of serene word opposite word /antonyms word Serene in English dirty And somber, squalid, clouded, grubby, cloggy   1.Antonyms and meanings of Serene The antonym of Serene is dirty. And Serene means one who has no dirt on it, he is pure. Or the one who does not have dirt is pure. By the way, pure substance is also used in the context. Like gold when it comes out of a mine is not completely pure. There are many types of dirt inside it. After that this gold is passed through many processes so that its dirt is removed. And only then it is used. This is th

what is the opposite (Antonyms) of independent

what is the opposite of independent, independent antonyms in english, independent opposite word in english, independent antonyms words, independent opposite word meaning, opposite of independent, what is the antonym of independent, antonym of independent in english, antonym of word independent, meaning of independent antonym. Antonyms / opposite words of independent word opposite word /antonyms word Independent in English dependency, subordination, dependence, subjection.   1.Antonyms and meanings of independent  Friends, independent means independent . Although no single definition of independent can be given but independent means independent from bondage. Now speaking of bondage, it can be of many types of bondage. So the definition of independent may be different for every human being. Just like independent for a yogi means independent from the shackles of the mind, so for a prisoner independent may mean being free from ca

what is the opposite (Antonyms) of generous

  what is the opposite of generous in english, what are some antonyms of generous, generous opposite words in english, generous opposite in meaning, generous opposite in english, generous opposite name, antonyms of generous in english, antonyms of generous is, 5 antonyms of generous, generous antonyms in english , generous antonyms words. Antonyms / opposite words of generous word opposite word /antonyms word Generous in English conservative , illiberal , small   1.Antonyms and meanings of generous The antonym of generous is generous. Another name for generous is kind. The one who is kind to others is called generous. Well often the one who is the right person will be generous. The one who is an animal in the guise of a human can never be generous.   Generosity is a great quality. Because even after being a human, if someone does not have generosity in him, then he is not a human. Generosity is the hallmark of humanity.

antonyms words of soft in English // opposite words of soft in English

what is the opposite of soft, antonyms of soft in english, all antonyms of soft, soft opposite words in english, soft opposite word in marathi, soft opposite meaning, opposite of soft in english, opposite of soft in german, opposite of soft in french, what is the antonyms of soft, soft antonyms in English.   antonyms (opposite) of soft in English word opposite word /antonyms word Soft in English Hard , harsh, rigid, drastic, stiff, stringent, tough. Soft in marathi Harį¹£a Soft in french Rude Soft in german Harsch   1. Antonyms and meanings of Soft   Soft means soft. And its other meanings are soft, soft, soft and delicate. Often you must have observed that some materials are hard like stone and wood are hard. But rubber is softer than them. And the fabric is soft too. Often the word soft is used for soft things, but the soft word is used to mean that wh

what is the antonyms word of rise in english

  what is the opposite of rise, rise opposite word in english, opposite of rise, opposite of rise word, antonyms of rise, antonyms of rise in english, rise antonyms in English. The antonyms (opposite) of rise in English word opposite word /antonyms word Rise in English set, setting.   1.Meaning and antonyms of rise The opposite word of rise is set. Rise means to appear. As the sun rises, the moon rises. Similarly, Rise is used in many ways. When the sun of a person's life rises, he is very happy or he comes to this world. Rise also means success. The reason is that when we are successful, we also say that we have risen today. Well, Rise is a kind of positive word. To rise means to be good.   2.Antonyms of Rise Often when the sun rises, you must have seen that the poet writes that an atmosphere of happiness is created. Animals and birds wait for this. Similarly, human beings also while waiting for the sun to rise, t