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13 meanings of seeing white sheep in a dream

Friends, sheep are a kind of domestic animal. Which is like a goat. The three main reasons behind domestication are those, mass and milk production. The offspring of a sheep is called a lamb. It is said that sheep have been close to humans for a long time and have remained domesticated. And this is the reason that humans consider sheep to be their closest. For your information, let us tell you that people who keep sheep rear a large number of sheep, in which you will get to see different types of sheep. Like white sheep, black sheep, brown sheep etc. seeing white sheep in dream Often humans keep having dreams. And in those dreams, different types of animals and things are seen. And everyone is curious to know about their dream whether their dream is auspicious or inauspicious. Along with this, what is the true meaning of what they have dreamed. For this reason many people come to this internet world to know the answer of their dreams. Whether their dream is auspicious or inausp

the antonyms {opposite} word of alive in english


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the antonyms {opposite} word of alive in english



opposite word /antonyms word

Alive in English


And others

lifeless, Azoic, dead-alive, defunct, Exanimate


Alive in marathi



1.Antonyms and meanings of alive

Alive means one who has consciousness in him. Or those who have the source of life actively, they have the ability to feel they are alive. Or those who have such senses and organs of action which are meant to feel, they are all alive but those who do not have the ability to feel are not alive. But later scientific research revealed that trees and plants are alive beings. They also have the ability to feel.


Now the basis of this ability to experience is consciousness. What is consciousness? It is not known exactly about it, but in fact it is believed that consciousness is a kind of energy. The human body has the ability to feel as long as it has consciousness. As soon as consciousness separates from the body. The human body loses its ability to feel. After that the human body is nothing more than a statue. It remains as an inanimate object.


By the way, if we talk about the characteristics of alive things, then it breathes. Every alive being inside this world breathes and takes oxygen inside it and gives out carbon dioxide. And the second characteristic of a alive being is that it makes food. Even though the way of preparing food and the food of every alive being is different, but it definitely makes food. And one of the characteristics of alive beings is also excretion. Which means that it removes some waste material from its body. Thus a alive being is a machinery that takes some things in and then throws some out.


By the way, let us tell you that it took millions of billions of years for nature to make the best alive human like humans and for this a great DNA has been developed. It is believed that the first alive beings originated under water and then gradually new organisms came through mutation.


By the way, let us tell you that Darwin may have given the theory of mutation, but it has been mentioned in the Puranas and Gita. It is written in the Gita that man creates the body according to his needs. And the same thing Darwin has said that the organs which are not needed gradually become extinct.


the opposite And antonyms word of fragrance in english

2. meaning of inanimate

Friends, non-alive means that which neither breathes nor eats nor excretes. You can see the table kept inside your house. Have you ever seen him eating? No you haven't seen it. Similarly, your mobile is also lifeless. Even if he behaves like a alive being. Similarly, the pebbles lying around you are also non-alive. It is believed that alive things originated from non-alive things. Earlier the earth was lifeless and then became alive by special actions.


By the way, it is a very difficult task to understand how inanimate alive beings were made. How did the DNA come into the process which is capable of replicating itself is not known.


By the way, let us tell you that nervous system is very ancient inside India. And even today, many such incidents happen here that it is usually difficult to believe in it. But the world is not just what you can see with your eyes. The world is much bigger than this.


3. The person who died became wonderful alive

This is not just a story but a real incident. A person from a village had a corona. I don't remember his name. When corona happened, first fever came, after that the fever got cured after 4 days but he did not know that he had got corona.


After 5 days of corona, the oxygen level started decreasing but it was not detected. About 11 days later he came to know that his breathing was fast. After that a person named Kajod made him sit inside a car and got him admitted inside a hospital in india. On the other hand, when the doctor checked his oxygen level, it was less than 50 percent. Now the doctor has also said that it is difficult to avoid it. And now nothing can happen.


Now inside his house there was an ancestor god named Ranjit, who is called the Holy Spirit. Everyone pleaded that now he can help them. And that Holy Spirit promised to help. The next day when the doctor checked his oxygen level, he was almost 80.


Seeing this the doctor was also horribly surprised and said…… this is nothing short of a miracle. Many people are not able to survive after such oxygen level. For the first time it felt like there was a God. Some god has saved it.


Friends, in this way, where some people are coming back after fighting Corona, some are even dying, but the reality is that if you believe in God, then they definitely help you.


Many great idiots will consider all this as superstition, but those great idiots do not know that the science of ghosts is taught in the developed country of America. And all the tantra mantras are done. But no one mentions it.


This is the purpose of telling this story that if you believe then there is a god inside the stone too. And if you don't have faith, even if God appears before you, you will reject it.



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