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metronidazole tablet uses and side effects

metronidazole tablet uses and side effects, metronidazole tablet uses, metronidazole tablet uses in pregnancy, metronidazole tablet uses 200mg And 400mg.   Metronidazole tablet is used in bacterial infections, abdominal infections, amoebiasis. You should take this medicine only with the permission of the doctor. When the doctor prescribes you this medicine, then only after that you should use this medicine in the right way. This is what will be most important to you. There may be some side effects of this medicine but you do not need to worry about it. The reason is that these side effects are not permanent in any way. These may appear some time after taking the medicine. But it is not visible in every human being. There are only some human beings.   In which these side effects are seen. You should know about this. Apart from this, the dosage of this medicine depends on many things. Like how many problems does the patient have and what is the age and gender of the patient?