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Have you seen alive dead bodies in your dream in Islam?, 12 meanings


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Friends, dreams are strange. Friends, you can see dead in dreams. There's no big deal in it. By the way, there are many meanings of seeing a dead person alive in a dream. And some of them have positive connotations and some have negative connotations. It is very difficult to find out the exact meaning of such dreams. Still, we will give you detailed information about these dreams so that you can be successful in guessing them correctly. These types of dreams can have more than one meaning. Only one meaning will be true for you that best suits you. For example, if you saw that your enemy died, it could mean that something bad could happen to him or that your enmity could end.


To see the dead alive in the dream means

1. To see the dead alive in the dream means that the death of that person is imminent

Friends, it is true that many times when we see a living person dead inside the dream, it means that the end time of that person is near, although it is not true every time. But I have many such proofs available to me. Which I would like to mention here.


The first proof happened with myself. This is the thing in the morning of 2015, I dreamed that my aunt's son was over. And the very next day my aunt's son was really over.


Similarly, in the year 2019, my father had a dream that his eldest daughter was over and after two days it was really over.


Well, if you see a dead person living in a dream, then it is possible that his death is very near. Well, these types of dreams are more true when these dreams come to those people whose dreams do come true. However, those who have dreams every day, the chances of their dreams coming true are very less.


2. Seeing a dead man alive in a dream Seeing a loved one dead

Friends, if you see a loved one dead inside your dream, who is alive inside real life, then this dream confirms that fear is present in you. If there is a fear in the mind of a wife about her husband that if something happens to her husband, what will happen to her? In such a situation, she can see this type of dream. This type of dream only personifies the fear inside you. You have instilled too much fear in you. You may suffer from a feeling of insecurity.


This dream indicates that your fear is unfounded and you should reduce this fear. It doesn't make any sense.


3. Dreaming of seeing dead alive is a sign of the end of something

Seeing a living person as a dead person inside the dream also indicates the end of something. This ending can be any kind of positive ending. For example, if there is a fight with someone, it can be the end of it or it can be the end of a long illness or it can be a sign of the end of a family problem.


4. Seeing a dead man alive in the dream is the end of your worries

Seeing someone's death in the dream also tells about the end of your worries. There are some such concerns in your life, which were bothering you for a long time. There may be an end to their worries. You should think about your life once, what worries are bothering you and they should end.


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5. Dream to see a living person dead again and again

If you repeatedly see a living person dead inside your dream, then its first meaning is that you may be that person. You are full of bitterness towards him, you are full of anger, jealousy and anger towards him, you should destroy them all by taking them out. Usually we see these types of dreams about our enemy.


6. Meaning of the death of a living person in the dream


Dreaming of the death of a person in a dream indicates that something is about to end. End means ending. In which can be the end of a relationship or the end of a problem or the end of a disease, it can be the end of your anxiety.


7. The End of Your Relationship

Friends, if you see your lover or girlfriend dead in the dream, then this type of dream can be a sign that your relationship is going to end. If something is not going well inside your relationship then you can have this type of dream.


However, if the relationship is going well for both of you. Then this type of dream can also mean that there are some problems inside your relationship and they may need to be ended.


8. Signs of Longevity

Friends, seeing any living person dead inside the dream does not mean his death every time. But it is also seen by adding to his age. If you see someone's death in the dream, then it can also be a sign of his aging. In this regard, a woman named Pooja wrote mentioning that she had died of her grandfather. Seen inside the dream, although it has been 4 years since this dream. This type of dream also means that their age has increased.


9. Seeing someone's death in a dream due to beheading and burning in fire

Friends, if you see the death of a living person due to beheading or burning in the fire, then this is also considered a sign of long life.


10. Dream to help you

If you see someone dead inside the dream who is actually alive and he is your knowledge, then it can also mean that some problems are going to come in that person's life and you need to avoid those problems. He should be helped. You can get information about that person.


11. Seeing a living person dead in the water inside the dream

If you see a living person dead under water, then this dream indicates that changes are going to happen in your life. Those changes can be of any type. These could be changes in the job, or major conflicts within your relationships.


12. Seeing someone dead in an accident in a dream


Friends, if you see a living person dead inside an accident, then this dream can be a sign about the risk coming with you in the future.


Many people have dreams of seeing the dead alive in the dream and these types of dreams can usually have many meanings but in most cases they have 3 main meanings.


First of all it means that it can be fear sitting inside your mind if you don't want that person to die because he is close to you then it is fear sitting inside your mind.

Its second meaning is that certain things can come to an end in your life and they are positive in most of the cases like end of your long illness, end of your financial problems etc.

The third one that has the least chance of actually being the person you've dreamed of. This dream is much more terrifying. However, this possibility cannot be ruled out.

 What does it mean to see dead alive in a dream

If you see a person in your dream who is alive in real life but you see him dead. So friends, let us tell you that this dream can be very bad. Akshar Manav sees this kind of dream and I would like to tell only one thing to all of them that this dream is considered very bad.

Now you will say why are you saying this. So friends tell you that this dream has many meanings. But one of them means that death is about to happen. As if you have seen a dream in which there is a person who seems dead to you. But friends, he is not dead in real life. Rather, he is alive, so it means that he can die in the coming time. 

To say that his death is very near. By the way, friends, being close to death in life means that many bad things can happen in life. By the way, friends, even I cannot imagine what will happen in the house of someone whose death is near. Because I know that a lot of sorrow can be seen in the house. When everyone comes to know about this, they will be very sad. And the news of the death of a family member can make them so sad that they can't even muster the courage to say anything.

By the way, the meaning of this dream is not only this. Rather, this dream also means that something is about to end. It could be that whatever is causing troubles or problems in your life. May it end in the coming time. It means to say that seeing the living dead in the dream means that there will be some kind of positive end in your life.

Now it was a matter of some time ago that I had a friend. There was a lot of problem going on in his life related to tenure. And he was so much troubled by this that he did not even behave properly with the people of the house. And because of all this going on, the members of the house were also very upset. But one day he saw such a dream. In which his living person was seen dead. So he explained a lot to me about the meaning of this dream. But he doesn't believe after listening to my words.

Now after a total of 10 days he meets me and tells me that all the problems he had in his life are over. Now he is doing his tenure comfortably. So friend, this thing made me very happy. Because what I said happened to him. Since then he has started believing the dream.

In the same way, it is possible that something good will happen to you instead of bad. Which means that there should be some positive change in your life. Because of which whatever was the cause of trouble in your life should go away from your life.

That's all, if trouble is going away from your life, it means that some happiness will come in your life. And this thing decides that your dream is also good. So friend, we say in this way that the same dream can have both good and bad meanings. Yes, if you remember your dream correctly, then we can tell you its exact meaning.

In the article about seeing the dead alive in the dream, we had discussed in detail about seeing a dead person alive inside the dream. In this article, we have known in detail its many meanings.

If someone sees something in his dream, then he should know that this dream has a special meaning about which he should be aware and in this article you have been told about it very well.

Friends, if you dream in which you get to see that a person is actually alive, but now you see him dead, then tell you that this type of dream has a special meaning. It means and what it means, you are going to know only after seeing the article, so once you see the article and you will know what is the meaning of this dream.

To see the dead alive in the dream, see dead person alive in dream, seeing dead person alive in dream meaning, seeing dead person alive in dream Islamic meaning, 

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