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25 meanings of seeing bamboo in dream and advantages and disadvantages of bamboo


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We all know very well about bamboo. Bamboo is a useful grass that is used to make baskets and brooms etc. It is estimated that the contribution of bamboo to the world economy is more than US $ 12 billion, in which developing countries are leading. There are bamboo forests, especially in foreign countries, apart from this, bamboo is also cultivated. The total area of bamboo forests in India is 11.4 million hectares, which is 13 percent of the total forest area.


And there are many uses of bamboo in homes too. The first use is that of a broom. We all use brooms inside our homes. The broom is made of bamboo. Apart from this, bamboo wood is used for making cots and bamboo is most commonly used inside farmer's equipment.


Bamboo is also used to make decoration tools. Various types of mats, chairs, tables, cots and fishing forks are also made from bamboo. Many boats that are still in use today are made of bamboo. Fishermen take the boat to the sea, it is often a small bamboo boat.


War items are made from bamboo like arrows, bows, spears etc. Often a bamboo stick is attached to the back of large knives.


So far we have learned little information about bamboo. Friends, seeing bamboo in dreams has different meanings. How you see Bamboo in your dream depends on what would be the meaning of your dream. Here we will consider all the possibilities of seeing Bamboo in your dream.



seeing bamboo in dream, what is the meaning of seeing bamboo in dream?

In dreams, bamboo is seen as a spiritual link. And in China, bamboo is considered lucky. Bamboo is seen as a development and a solution to problems. Seeing a bamboo in a dream is a sign that You can rely on the friends around you.


Bamboo can be seen in many ways in the dream like


Saw the bamboo twigs growing.

a bamboo field

Bamboo picked up.

Those who keep bamboo

A friend or relative holding bamboo.

A strange man holding a bamboo.

Panda is eating bamboo.

Bamboo furniture.

bamboo sticks.

seeing bamboo in the dream seeing bamboo shoots in the dream

Friends, if you see bamboo shoots inside which you have grown bamboo or its shoots have sprouted, then it indicates that you will have to fight the obstacles coming in your life. You can't get everything without fighting. If you fight then you will be successful. If you want to be successful then you have to develop the habit of facing defeat. Most people get frustrated after losing a couple of times, you don't have to be that kind of person.


You will be successful if you try. This dream indicates that the plans you are working on will be successful if you keep trying.


1. Seeing bamboo cut in the dream, Seeing bamboo cut in the dream

To see chopped bamboo in a dream is not a good sign. This means that soon you may have to face problems. Well these problems can affect your life. You have to fight with these problems. Seeing bamboo cut in a dream is not a good sign. This is a bad sign.


2. Seeing Bamboo Baskets in the Dream

By the way, you can see bamboo basket in a dream in many ways. If you see empty bamboo basket in your dream then it is not a good sign. It means that you will fight for success. But if you see a basket full of bamboo, it is a very good sign. You are going to get success soon.


3. Eating a bamboo branch in a dream

Friends, if you see this type of dream in which you break a bamboo branch with your mouth and are chewing like this then it is a very good sign. This means that you are going to get success in the new business you are starting. Have you already made up your mind to start a business or are you working on it now? If you are working on it then it will be a win-win for you.


If you have the ability, then you can convert your business into an opportunity and after that you can earn good money.


4. Seeing Bamboo Tree in Dream

If you see a strong bamboo tree in your dream then it is a very good sign. It shows balance and strength in your life. This indicates that you are quite balanced in your life.


Balance in life means that your life is going well. There are no problems with him. Meaning that money and expenditure are in sync in a way in your life. Similarly, everything else in life is in sync. everything goes well.


If you see a rotten bamboo tree in your dream it means that conflict will arise due to imbalance in your life. There will be many problems in your life. And because of those problems you will get into conflict. Will you fight? You have to decide. If you don't fight, problems will overwhelm you.

If you see a dried bamboo trunk in your dream then it is not a good sign. There are many problems in your life and you are in a state of conflict. How do you deal with life's problems? You just have to decide this.

5. Seeing a bamboo forest in the dream

Friends, if you see a bamboo forest in your dream it means that you need strong relations with your relatives. Maintain proper relationship with neighbors, co-workers and classmates etc. Strong relationships with the right individuals are usually quite beneficial. Because it can be helpful for you anytime.


If you don't have a strong relationship with anyone, then sometimes nothing works in Mushbit. This dream indicates that you need to develop strong ties with your relatives.


Well, nowadays the system of strong relationships is rarely seen. Earlier the whole family used to live in one place but now the time has changed. Even husband and wife cannot live in one place, so you can understand how bad the situation is.


6. Seeing and living in a dream bamboo house

You must be well aware of the bamboo house. Even today beautiful bamboo houses are built inside India. Bamboo houses are most popular in areas where storms keep coming. Houses made of bamboo can easily withstand strong winds. If you see a house made of bamboo even in your dream, it means that you are going through a very difficult time, you have to work hard to be successful, without hard work you cannot get success. Even if you are living in a bamboo house, this dream will have the same meaning.


If you see someone else living in a bamboo house in your dream, it means that they are going to face problems. And how they will tackle the problems you have to see. This type of dream comes in case of change in life.

Friends, if you see a broken bamboo house in your dream, then it is a very bad sign. It means that there is going to be a flood of troubles in your life. However the reason is not known. But you have to find out the reason yourself, otherwise it will be too late.

If you see bamboo house like hut etc. burning in your dream then it is a very bad sign. Burning bamboo is bad omen. If bamboo is burning in the dream also then it is inauspicious and it means that some serious trouble is going to come upon you. So be ready for it in advance. Because if you are not prepared then how will you be able to fight this type of crisis.

7. Seeing the Bamboo Bridge in the Dream

Friends, even today there are bamboo bridges to cross the river. Earlier, when cement was not available, bamboo bridges were used to cross the river. If you see bamboo bridge in your dream it means that you are capable of crossing the gap. The difference can have a variety of meanings here. The first one is that you want something more. You have less you can get more. You have time now. If you put energy in, you will get more.


You can develop yourself into a person who can destroy difference. You can develop a kind of skill within yourself.


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8.Seeing Ornamental Bamboo in the Dream

Friends, bamboo is also used for decoration. With the help of bamboo, many types of decoration of the house are done. If you see an ornamental bamboo in your dream, it means that you will get the solution of your problems very soon. Your problems will be solved in less time than you will take to solve the problems. Overall this can be a good thing for you.


If your luck is also going well, then fear of something, you should try your luck and start a new work.


9. Dreaming of a bamboo boat

Friends, if you see bamboo boat in your dream then it can have different meanings. This dream indicates that you will be physically and mentally strong. Being mentally strong means that no one can dominate you quickly. Often many people dominate others in the matter but it is not that easy to dominate you. Apart from this, physically strong means your height will be excellent.


However, you may experience emotional turmoil. After which you will make yourself stronger. Often when a person goes through an emotional turmoil, only then he makes himself better in a better way.


If you are getting out of the sea with the help of bamboo boat in your dream, then this dream indicates that you will get out of the problems very soon. Though it may take some time inside but you will get through.

If you see in your dream that you are sitting in a bamboo boat and going towards the waves, then it means that you are a lazy person and you have not made proper arrangements. You are just following the waves. You have not worked hard in life.

If you are repairing a bamboo boat in your dream, it means that you are making efforts to achieve success. You must keep trying. He who tries gets success. You will achieve success in the coming days.

that your life will be very happy. Your family life is going to be good. If till now your family life was not going well then now you have no need to worry. Everything will go well. And you will return to your destinations easily.

10. Seeing Bamboo Pickles in the Dream

Friends, if you see Bamboo Pickle in your dream then it is not a good sign. It indicates an upcoming trouble. You need to keep your strength so that you will be able to fight the trouble.

11. Dreaming of Bamboo Furniture

Friends, in real life, bamboo furniture is almost non-existent. If you see bamboo chairs, tables, etc., it means to talk about adorable things. Is there a person you like? Or with whom you have a lot of bond. This dream says that you can spend romantic moments with someone in the coming days. You can enjoy some things with your friend. You can take part in some picnic. Overall this dream is considered a very good sign for you.


12.Dream Making Bamboo Stick

Often bamboo sticks are sold inside the markets. If you see yourself making bamboo sticks in your dream, it means that you will be given some kind of warning. Or you will do some wrong thing or you will do some risky work that you need to be careful. Sometimes this inattention proves to be quite fatal. Few days back I saw a patient who was working by climbing an electric pole but was not able to take proper care and then fell down from the pole and broke one leg. If you are also not careful, then health is bound to suffer.


13.Praking bamboo shoots in a dream

Friends, if you pluck a bamboo shoot in your dream, then it is a dream giving positive signs. This means that you will have a large and complete family. You will carry on with your whole life. You will have grandchildren and children. And you are going to have a wonderful moment inside your family. Overall, this dream indicates that you are going to have a very good day.


14. Seeing bamboo growing in front of the house in the dream

Friends, if you see such a dream, in which you see bamboo growing in front of your house, then it indicates that you are going to be happy soon on behalf of your relatives or people you know. You can get good news from this. Overall this dream indicates that you may have some happy occasion here. Like someone can have a boy or someone can get a job etc.


15.Seeing Bamboo Cane in Dream

If you see bamboo cane in your dream then it is not a good sign. It means that you are going to get into some trouble. There are some things that can bother you. How you will deal with those things is for you to decide. You must be ready to compete.


16. Breaking Bamboo in a Dream

Friends, if you see this type of dream in which you break a bamboo stick or something of bamboo, then it indicates that you need to work harder now. You will have to work hard in the coming days. It is possible that you do some kind of business in which more hard work is required. Anyway, any business is not like a job. You do not require much effort inside the job. Once you even stand up after going to work, the style starts.


But if you are running a business of your own then you will need more hard work. Business can never be successful without hard work. Many times this type of dream indicates about getting out of troubles. You can get out of troubles if you work extra hard.


17.Walking in the Bamboo Forest in the Dream

Friends, if you dream that you are walking in the bamboo forest then it indicates that you have talent for literature and art, and may excel in performance or literature.


Pratibha means uniqueness. It is said that there is a talent hidden inside every human being. Only a few people are able to recognize that talent and bring it to the world. Many people are such that they do not know anything about their talent.


18. Seeing Bamboo Door in Dream

Friends, if you see in your dream that you are searching for something, suddenly you find a door made of bamboo. This type of dream means that you will have difficulty in solving your problems but you will be able to solve them. If you try for a solution, you will definitely find a solution.


If you see a broken bamboo door in your dream it means that nothing is safe. You do not have the means to protect some of your information. Because of this you are worried. You need to change the means of protection. As such you need to do the security of money properly. Anyway, if once the money is stolen, then the chances of getting it back are almost over, then you can save your money only by security, otherwise Lanka will be looted. Hence this dream gives you a hint about the security of your wealth and valuables.


19. Making Bamboo Tree in Dream

Friends, if you are making bamboo tree in your dream, then it means that you have a very difficult time now but if you work hard in the present, then your time can be very good in future. And this has always happened. When we are students then we need to work hard because if we work hard only then we will get some happiness and only after learning something we will be able to earn good money and live a happy life.


20. Seeing an unknown person holding bamboo in a dream

Friends, if you see a stranger holding bamboo in your dream, it means that people do not trust you. how do you work People don't trust you that much. You have to work hard to get what you want in life. Nothing is easy to get, you have to work hard to get it. Nothing happens without hard work. If you work hard, you can easily achieve everything. If you keep working hard, then nothing can happen.


21.Seeing Bamboo Cart in Dream

Friends, if you see bamboo cart in your dream then it is a very good sign. It can have many meanings. First of all, it can mean that in the coming days you will undertake some journey which will be very pleasant. It can also be a strange experience for you.


This dream can also be a warning dream for you. You should walk in balance in life. Is your life unbalanced you need to pay proper attention to your life.


22. Seeing burnt bamboo or burning bamboo forest in dream

Friends, if you see burning bamboo forest in your dream, then it is a very bad sign, it means that something bad is going to happen in your life. Burning of bamboo is considered inauspicious. What could be bad in your life? Nothing can be said about it but bad is about to happen. You don't need to worry though. Life just goes on like this. You are nothing more than a player inside it. You just keep playing and everything will be fine.


23. Hitting with a bamboo stick in a dream

Friends, you must remember that in childhood, when teachers used to teach in school, we did not take them by remembering and then used to beat the teachers with bamboo sticks. If a member of your household or a teacher is seen hitting you with a bamboo stick, it means that you are not following the orders of the elders. You need to follow the orders of elders than you. Anyway, killing the teacher and family members is very beneficial. Then we are on the right track.


If you see your enemy killing you in your dream, it means that your enemies are dominating you, you have to gain the ability to counter your enemies. If you are not able to respond to your enemies properly, then your enemies can inflict terrible damage on you.


24. Seeing yourself surrounded by bamboo in a dream

Friends, if you have a dream in which you find yourself surrounded by bamboo, then it is a very good sign. This means that you are about to get lucky. All the troubles you were facing till now will be over. You do not need to worry.


25.Seeing bamboo twigs in the dream

If you see bamboo twigs in your dream then it is a good sign. It means that whatever happens to you, everything will be good. But bamboo twigs in the dream also indicate that you are not using your time properly. Proper use of time is very important. If you don't use time properly or you don't value time then time will not value you either. If you want to achieve something in life, then it is necessary to respect time. You can't get anything without taking care of your time.


Bamboo Paper

Bamboo paper is also made. However, making paper from bamboo is a very difficult task. Even after that, paper is made from bamboo in large quantities inside India and China. To make paper from bamboo, bamboo leaves are sorted and pulp of its stem is kept in lime puddles for 3 months, after which it is cleaned by putting it inside the holes. After that the pulp is prepared. And by putting chemicals inside this pulp, different types of paper are obtained.


 Introduction to Bamboo

Friends, there are some bamboos that grow very fast. In some species, it grows up to 1 meter in a day. Bamboo is found in North and South America, Africa, Australia and South Asia. Most of the bamboo species are found in China.


There is carbon conservation inside the area where there is bamboo and bamboo is also very beneficial for the man.


It varies when it comes to bamboo production. Bio-production can be 50 to 100 tonnes per hectare. One hectare of bamboo planted area can absorb 17 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere per year. And the potential for bamboo to grow more Because of this, production of bamboo can be achieved at the rate of 30 tonnes per hectare.


 Benefits of Bamboo

Friends, bamboo plant is the easiest to grow. It can grow almost every season. But still it is quite good to grow it in the rainy season.


This plant is 25 to 30 meters high. And its leaves are also quite big. It has many medicinal properties inside it. About which we are going to tell you here. There are things like calcium, protein, vitamin A, E, B6, magnesium, copper inside the bamboo, which help a lot in removing many diseases. Bamboo flourishes in the summer season. Flowers. And most of the bamboos are such that they flower only once in 3 years. Similarly, there are some bamboo species in which flowers come every year. There are male and female bamboo.


Due to being sweet, acidic, pungent, bitter, heavy, curd in nature, it can reduce phlegm and pitta. Bamboo shoots can cure urinary diseases. This eases the problem of blood formation inside the nose. Due to the presence of things like magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, potassium, phosphorus in bamboo, bamboo is also very beneficial.


1.Bamboo Relieves Headache


Friends, headache has become a common problem. Although there are many reasons for headache, but common headache is also due to mobile running for a long time and pollution. Bamboo can help you get relief from headache. Mix 500 mg camphor in 10 ml of bamboo root juice and put a few drops of it in the nose. By doing this the headache will subside and you will get relief. You can try this method only if you have a headache problem.


2. Bamboo reduces ear pain

Friends, due to many reasons, pain starts in the ear. And medicine cannot be arranged quickly inside the village countryside. In such a situation, only bamboo treatment can be used. If there is pain in the ear due to any reason. As soon as there is a pimple, then cook the bamboo caulk in ghee or oil, after that filter it and put it inside the ear. By doing this, the ear pain will get relief. If you get some relief in one go, you can put it twice.


3. Use of bamboo to cure mouth ulcers

Friends, the problem of ulcers inside the mouth is very much for some people. If you also have a problem of mouth ulcers, then you can do bamboo tricks. People who have mouth ulcers should sleep with their mouth open at night. Another way is to mix Vanshlochan inside honey and then apply it on the place where there are pimples. Do this thrice a day. By doing this the blisters get cured.


4. Bamboo removes inflammation in the lungs

If someone has a problem of inflammation in the lungs, then bamboo can be very beneficial for him. For this, make a decoction of bamboo leaves and then consume it twice a day. Make him gargle. So that the feeling of stuffiness in the throat will reduce on its own and the problem of cough will also go away.


5. Bamboo cures dry cough

Friends, bamboo works to remove dry cough. Dry cough bothers some people a lot. And they have taken many types of medicine, even after that dry cough does not leave them. The phlegm will come out and the problem of dry cough will be greatly relieved. This is the most effective way to stop dry cough.


6. Uses of Bamboo to Stop Diarrhea

Sometimes after the disturbances in the stomach, there may be diarrhea or there is dyspepsia in the stomach, due to which diarrhea starts. If diarrhea is very much and is not stopping then you can try this remedy. This bamboo remedy can help you a lot in stopping diarrhea. Make a decoction of bamboo leaves, shoots and stems and then consume it for a day. Do 10 to 20 mg twice a day. So that the diarrhea will stop.


7. Bamboo Reduces Hemorrhoids

Friends, some people often have a habit of eating more spicy and more pungent. If you also have a habit of eating more spicy then hemorrhoids can happen. If someone already has this problem, then bamboo can be very beneficial for it. Make a decoction of the lineage and after that wash the warts with it. Doing this reduces the pain.


8. Diabetes Control Bamboo

Today's lifestyle is becoming more hectic. No one cares to eat or drink. Those who get eaten. Due to the chaotic lifestyle, the patients of diabetes are increasing rapidly. Foods related to bamboo should be consumed to control diabetes. It is very beneficial.


9. Bamboo Relieves Visper

Friends, there is a type of disease, in which the finger and face of the patient start coming out of the rash. This disease occurs due to the imbalance of pitta dosha. Basam works to balance pitta.


10. Use of bamboo to create coolness in the body

Friends, bamboo is used to create coolness inside the body. If you have a problem of heat inside the body, then bamboo can be very beneficial for it.


 11. Bamboo removes fever

Friends, if there is a mild fever, then Vanshlochan can be very beneficial inside it. Fever can be common with changing weather. If you also have a problem of fever with the changing weather, then mix Vanshlochan and Giloysat together and then consume it. This will bring down your fever.


12. Reduces Inflammation Bamboo

Friends, sometimes swelling occurs due to injury. And to reduce that swelling, bamboo can prove to be very useful. For this, make a decoction of bamboo leaves and apply it on the affected part and leave it for some time. Wash off after that. Doing this will reduce the swelling.


13. Bamboo Reduces Ulcers

Friends, sometimes it takes a long time to dry the ulcer wound. And in such a situation also bamboo can be very beneficial. For this, it can be used by making a decoction of bamboo leaves.


14. Bamboo is very beneficial for skin diseases


Nowadays such an environment has happened that pollution has spread very much. Due to which there has also been a hole in the ozone layer, which is responsible for skin diseases. Bamboo works to reduce skin diseases. For this you can do a simple experiment. After that use these leaves on the affected area. So that you will get relief from skin related problems.


15.Very beneficial in menstrual problems

Friends, bamboo is also very beneficial in menstrual problems, such as irregular menstruation, excessive bleeding or less bleeding. Make a decoction of 25 grams of pomegranate and 50 grams of Shatpushpa and then mix it with jaggery and drink it. By doing this, the problems related to menstruation are reduced.


16. Bamboo removes burning sensation in urine

Friends, there is a problem with some people that there is a lot of burning sensation while urinating. If you also have this problem, then you can try the remedy. By making a decoction of the root of Vansankur and Vansh root and drinking 10-20 ml quantity, the problem of low urine can be solved. Mix Vanshlochan and Misri and drink it in milk. After this, the disease of urinary burning gets relief.


17.Benefits of Bamboo for Cough

With the changing weather, anyone can have cough problems. If you also have cough problems then you can solve it at home. Bamboo shoots can cure cough. Because they contain choline nutrient, cyanogen chemical compound and glucoside enzymes.


18.Relieves respiratory problems

Friends, bamboo works to remove respiratory problems. For this, decoction of bamboo shoots is made and drunk with honey, which removes respiratory problems.


19. Removes the deficiency of red blood cells

Friends, it is very important to have red blood cells inside the body. If there is a shortage of red blood cells in the body, then problems can occur. Bamboo works to overcome this deficiency. There may be problems like Alzheimer's, anemia due to lack of red cells. Consuming bamboo rice can overcome this problem. Vitamin B6 can give you a lot of benefits.


20. Bamboo Rice Can Be Beneficial For Teeth

Friends, bamboo rice can also be very beneficial for teeth. Vitamin B6 is abundant inside it, which is very beneficial for teeth. It works to strengthen your teeth.


21.Bamboo Can Correct Your Mood

Friends, bamboo can also correct your mood. Inside bamboo, there are elements like rice neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which work to improve your mood. Bamboo also works to improve your brain.


Disadvantages of eating bamboo


Friends, there are many disadvantages of eating bamboo. Bamboo should be consumed in small quantities, its consumption in excess can be very harmful.


1.       If you are a pregnant woman then you should avoid consuming bamboo. It can be quite harmful for you.


2.       Apart from this, if you have thyroid problem then you should avoid the consumption of bamboo. It can increase your problem more.


3.       Bamboo also affects the fertility of men, so men should also take care of its consumption.


4.       Hyperuricemia may be a problem. Its consumption can increase the level of uric acid.


 Where to Buy Bamboo

Friends, you can buy bamboo from nursery and plant it in your house. Bamboo plant will be easily found in nursery. However, if there is a bamboo plant near you, then you can find out there. Friends, the speed of growing bamboo is very fast.


 What is the right way to eat bamboo shoots?

Friends, you should know the right way to eat bamboo shoots. Never eat bamboo shoots if you do not know the right way.


First of all pluck the bamboo shoots and come. After that they should be peeled well. Better if you wear gloves.

When you are peeling the bamboo shoots, the hairs can get stuck on the inner shoots. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the shoots after peeling.

If you have washed the bamboo shoots, then boil them well before eating. The unboiled shoots should never be consumed. It can harm you. And boil them for at least 20 minutes.

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