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13 meanings of seeing white sheep in a dream

Friends, sheep are a kind of domestic animal. Which is like a goat. The three main reasons behind domestication are those, mass and milk production. The offspring of a sheep is called a lamb. It is said that sheep have been close to humans for a long time and have remained domesticated. And this is the reason that humans consider sheep to be their closest. For your information, let us tell you that people who keep sheep rear a large number of sheep, in which you will get to see different types of sheep. Like white sheep, black sheep, brown sheep etc. seeing white sheep in dream Often humans keep having dreams. And in those dreams, different types of animals and things are seen. And everyone is curious to know about their dream whether their dream is auspicious or inauspicious. Along with this, what is the true meaning of what they have dreamed. For this reason many people come to this internet world to know the answer of their dreams. Whether their dream is auspicious or inausp

what is the antonyms (opposite) word of gladness

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opposite of gladness And antonyms of gladness


opposite word /antonyms word

gladness in English

nostalgia, melancholia, depression, grief, gloom, dump.

gladness in urdu

پرانی یادوں

gladness in punjabi


gladness in telugu


gladness in spanish


gladness in nepali


gladness in Arabic

حنين للماضي

gladness in Malayalam



1.Antonyms and meanings of Gladness

Another name for Gladness is joy and happiness. When you are in a state of joy in some work, that is called joy. Well who doesn't want to be happy? Because we do everything just to be happy. Read and try to earn more and more money so that happiness can be bought. The one who has more money can easily buy more and more resources, cars, bungalows, seeing which we feel that they are very happy. Well happiness is the most useful thing in life.



 Nothing can happen without it. Happiness is only then you enjoy life very much. You want to live longer. If joy is eliminated from your life there is no reason you would want to live because sadness will make you so upset that don't ask.


When we are in a state of sorrow, times are very difficult. One minute feels equal to one year and if you are in joy, you cannot even know the time.


2. Meaning of nostalgia

Nostalgia means sorrow. Due to sadness, a person remains deeply sad and worried. In a way, it is a mental disorder which is mental. And if a person remains a victim of depression for a long time, then he commits suicide. If you see a person who is troubled by depression, then he should be treated. The most important thing about a person suffering from depression is that he catches one problem and after that he keeps thinking about it. And continues to be so sad that there is no limit to his suffering.


And that sorrow has no meaning after all, but still he goes on getting sad. The doctor also gives medicines to this type of person and also tells about many things.


what is the opposite word of believe

3.Gladness's Story

It is a thing of ancient times. Inside a village lived a woodcutter named Gladness. The woodcutter was very poor and he was not even married. Her mother was very old and she wanted to marry Gladness but she was not getting any girl for marriage.


Once when Gladness was cutting wood inside the forest, he saw a girl there. Gladness did not understand where did the girl come from inside this forest? He thought that some girl might have been lost in the forest. When he went after her, he hid from there and saw that this girl is a goat herder who may have come from a nearby village.


Gladness went to him and said…….where have you come from?



He had already seen Gladness. ……. I do not have parents, I just come to this forest with some goats. And I feed my stomach from these goats.


……..where did your parents go?


…….he has died of illness.


……oh very bad happened to you.


…….and what do you come here to do?


…….I just come to chop wood. And I fill my stomach by selling wood.


and what's your name ? the girl asked


…..Gladness and yours?


……my name is Mohini.


In this way, Gladness had a very good day. He was of a very cheerful nature. And used to laugh even in sorrow. And this adage Mohini liked Gladness. Similarly, Mohini also started coming to meet Gladness every day. Where Gladness used to cut wood, Mohini would graze her goats. Both would sit and talk for hours. However, Gladness also started loving Mohini in his heart. But he could not tell her. And Mohini already liked Gladness. And one day Mohini had come before Gladness and while she was grazing her goats some animal bit her and she fell unconscious there. When Gladness came there, he saw that Mohini is not there but her goats are standing there. Gladness became very upset and turned around making a sound. Then after that he saw Mohini lying at a place. He went to her and saw that some poisonous animal had bitten her leg. And if he doesn't take her to a lawful soon, she will die.


Gladness made Mohini sit on her shoulder and then hurriedly went inside another village where a lawmaker lived. Went to him and said….Vaidhji, can you treat them?


……who do you think it is?


I don't look like anything like that? But I love it.


And after that Vaidya gave some herbs to Mohini, due to which she regained consciousness in no time and went away with joy after taking some medicine. Now Mohini was in need of Gladness so she said…….Gladness, I know that you love me. How will it be if we get married today?



And after that both Gladness and Mohini went to their village, where Gladness introduced Mohini to his mother and after that the mother married both of them. It was amazing of Gladness that Mohini liked him. From today onwards Mohini would just do household chores and Gladness would also herd goats and sell them after chopping wood. The lesson of this story is that one happiness attracts another happiness. does. If you laugh, everyone will want to come and laugh at you.

 gladness opposite, gladness opposite meaning, opposite of gladness, opposite meaning of gladness, what is the opposite of gladness, what's the opposite of gladness, what is the antonym of gladness.



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