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What is luliconazole cream used for?

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Luliconazole cream is not a medication to be swallowed. This medication is usually to be applied. Luliconazole cream is used for fungal infections. You should not use this medicine on your own. Rather, in this, the doctor will write this medicine inside the prescription, only then you will have to use it. You can ask your doctor how to use luliconazole cream. And there may be some side effects of luliconazole cream. But they are not permanent. After some time it all gets fixed on its own. If you have used luliconazole cream before, you can easily use it.


Luliconazole cream is easily available at any kind of medical store. Where you can buy it. If you want to know more about luliconazole cream, you can contact your doctor.


1.luliconazole cream uses in English


Fungal infection is a type of infection that can happen to anyone. This can usually happen on the face, feet, and inside a woman's vulva. There are several types of fungi that can cause fungal infections on the inside of your upper body. If someone has the problem of fungal infection then he can consult a doctor and by using the medicines given by the doctor, this problem is easily removed. And it's not even fatal.



Infectionsare generally contagious and can spread from person to person. It can also spread through contaminated water and soil.

Fungal infections can also occur inside the mouth so that the tongue can turn white and some rashes can form inside the mouth. If anyone has this problem then a doctor should be seen.

Fungalinfection can also occur inside the nail, which affects the upper part of the nail and is most commonly targeted by people with a weakened immune system. This weakens the nail and causes yellow cracks on it.

Ringworm is also a type of fungal infection that can affect any part of your body, but ringworm usually occurs in a place that is not cleaned regularly. Like around the genitals.

Apart from this, fungal infection can also occur inside the feet, it is more commonly seen in people wearing wet shoes and socks and living in damp places.

Now if we talk about the symptoms of fungal infection on the skin, then because of this red rashes are formed on the skin. There may be cracks inside the skin and the skin may become red. Apart from this, there may be red spots on the chest, tongue and mouth.


red rash

red patches on the skin

cracks in the skin

pain in the affected area of the skin

White powdery discharge on the affected areas

flaking and peeling of the skin

reddening of the skin

Luliconazole cream is used to treat fungal infections such as athlete's foot.


2. What are the side effects of luliconazole cream?

There is no known side effect of luliconazole cream. But even after that some side effects may appear due to this medicine. These are usually temporary. But if the problem is serious then you should consult a doctor.


Application site reddening

Skin Burn

skin peeling



But this medicine can cause allergic reactions. This is its biggest side effect. If anyone has an allergy after using this medicine, then he should contact his doctor at once and tell him about it. He may give you some other medicine in lieu of luliconazole cream.


3. How does luliconazole cream work?

Friends, luliconazole cream is made for problems like ringworm and scabies and it is an antifungal cream, after applying it provides relief by destroying the fungus causing itching.


4. How many times a day can I use luliconazole cream?

You can use luliconazole cream twice a day. Otherwise you can consult your doctor regarding this. This is not a cream to swallow. Rather it is a cream to apply on your skin. It comes inside a good cream to get you rid of the disease.


5. What are the substitutes for luliconazole cream?

Emluz Cream Ankur Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Luliderm Cream Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Lumycan Cream Glauderma Labs Pvt Ltd

Luly Cream Brinton Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Tinibit-L Cream La Pristine Bioseats Pvt Ltd

Emluz Cream Ankur Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Lulizol Cream KLM Laboratories Pvt Ltd

6.What is the usual way to use luliconazole cream? , how to use luliconazole cream.

Luliconazole cream is very easy to use. For this, first wash the part of the skin thoroughly, the part that has been infected, then dry the skin and then you can use this cream. Apply this cream on the skin.


If there is any itching after using the cream, then do not apply the cream and consult your doctor.


7. What if I forget to use luliconazole cream?

If you forget to use luliconazole cream then nothing will happen but keep in mind that if you use this medicine on time you will recover soon otherwise you may take a long time to recover.


8. Can I consume alcohol after applying luliconazole cream?

If you use luliconazole cream, you can drink alcohol after that. Because it is applied on the outer layer of the skin. Because of this, it does not affect your brain and does not cause any kind of interaction with alcohol, so after using it you can consume alcohol.


9. Can luliconazole cream be used during pregnancy? (luliconazole cream during pregnancy)

Friends, there is no side effect of using this cream during pregnancy. But even after that, if you want the right information, then contact your doctor, your doctor is not right about you. Although luliconazole cream does not cause any harmful effect on the baby, then you can use it. But do it carefully. It should not be harmful in any way.


10. Luliconazole cream can be used during breastfeeding

Luliconazole cream can be used during breastfeeding. Luliconazole cream should be used with caution. If it goes inside the child's mouth then it can prove fatal after that. You should consult your doctor once, after that you should follow what the doctor instructs you.


11. Is it safe to drive after using luliconazole cream?

Guys luliconazole cream is used on your skin. It does not affect your brain in any way, so after using it you can drive a vehicle. You can get more information about this by contacting your doctor.


12. How will the use of luliconazole cream affect the kidneys?

Using luliconazole cream will not have any effect on the kidneys. It is not a drug that will go into your stomach. It is a cream that you use to apply on your skin.


13. How will the use of luliconazole cream affect the liver?

Friends, using luliconazole cream will not have any adverse effect on your liver. It is a kind of cream which you use on your skin. The rest you can consult with your doctor. He will give you the right opinion.

14. How to store luliconazole cream

Friends, this is a medicine which you should not keep under strong sunlight, it can worsen it. Apart from this, you should not keep it inside the fridge. It could even get worse. And if water goes inside it even in rain, it can get spoiled.


15. What to do after luliconazole cream expiry date

Luliconazole cream should not be used after it has expired or else it can have fatal effects. If this medicine has expired, then do not keep it inside your house after that. Otherwise, sometimes it can be used by mistake. You can bury it under the ground.


16. How often do I need to use luliconazole cream?

How often do I need to use luliconazole cream? It depends on your problem. If the infection is high enough then you need to use it for a longer time. Apart from this, you should contact your doctor. They get to know how often you need to use this cream.


17. What to do if the condition does not improve even after using luliconazole cream?

If your doctor has given you a prescription for luliconazole cream. If your condition is not improving even after using it, then contact your doctor about it. Your doctor may prescribe you some other medicine.


18. When should I stop using luliconazole cream?

The use of luliconazole cream should not be discontinued at will. You should continue using it until your doctor tells you to stop it. After that your doctor may instruct you to discontinue the medicine. After that you can stop using this medicine.


19. Is luliconazole cream safe for children to use?

Yes, this medicine is safe for children to use. Rest you can contact your doctor and you should do as your doctor instructs you.


20. Where can we buy luliconazole cream? (buy luliconazole cream)

You can buy luliconazole cream online. Apart from this, it would be better if you go to the medical store near you and you can buy this cream there. There you will easily find it.


21. What are the precautions to be taken while using luliconazole cream?

Apply this cream properly on the skin on which you have a problem of fungus.

Keep the fungus area dry and with the help of the oil, you clean it thoroughly first, then use the cream.

If you are feeling better after applying this cream, then it is important to complete the treatment and complete the course.

You have to take care that the cream eye does not go inside the nose and mouth. If it gets inside the mouth or nose, then rinse with water. When getting into the eye, clean the eye thoroughly.

It is a good cream and if you use it on the skin then there are no terrible side effects then you can use it easily.

If the problem is not completely cured even after applying it for 4 weeks, then contact your doctor and do what he tells you.

 What is luliconazole cream used for?, luliconazole cream used for, luliconazole cream used for fungal infection, How does luliconazole cream work, can i use luliconazole cream on face, what is the use of luliconazole cream, how to use luliconazole cream, luliconazole cream during pregnancy  luliconazole cream in pregnancy, buy luliconazole cream, luliconazole cream for child.

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