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14 meaning of seeing dead alive in dream in islam


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We will talk to you in this article about seeing the dead alive in the dream. Often we also have many such dreams in which we feel that the dead dead have become alive. Interpreting these types of dreams is not that easy. Every dream tells a different story in itself.


 I had also seen a similar dream. Inside the dream I saw that my dead sister is alive and she is making rotis inside the house. After that, as soon as I saw her, I said that she was dead. Now she can't stay here, go away from here. Now he has nothing to do with this material world.



1.Trick to see the dead alive in the dream

After that my sister said that she came here to get some work done. And then she left, you must have had this type of dream too. Friends, this dream is not really a sign of any future but it is a memory attached to that person in your mind and only that movie is playing inside your mind.


2. Seeing the dead alive in the dream You are not able to believe, the trick to see the dead alive in the dream

If someone you know is dead and you can't believe that he is dead. And you are still not able to accept that the person is dead. Your mind still feels that he is not dead. This happens very often.


 If you are not able to believe that person's death, then you may have such dreams that that person is not dead. but alive. And doing some work. These dreams indicate that you need to change your beliefs.


3. Seeing the dead body alive, you want to feel it again

Friends, seeing someone of your acquaintance who is dead alive in the dream means that when that person was alive, you had spent many happy moments with him. And you want to spend such moments with him again, which is not possible right now. When we love a person very much and he dies, then the love we have for him, the moments we spent with him start appearing in our dreams. It is just a feeling.


4. You are living in the pain of his death


If you see any dead person alive inside the dream and you know that he is not dead, then perhaps these dreams personify the pain inside your mind. When we are very sad about the death of a person, then this type of dream is very common. This dream tells us to change our thoughts that the person we are thinking so much about is no longer inside this world. And worrying about it will be of no use.


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5. Seeing a dead person alive again and again in the dream

If you are seeing one of your acquaintances repeatedly in the dream that he is not dead and alive, then it can mean that he is trapped inside the dead ghost and wants to give you a message that you should tell his family members Tell him to do something for him. This is what it means to have such dreams again and again. Apart from this, the mind of that person is stuck somewhere inside his family.


6. Seeing a dead person alive again and again in the dream inside your house

Friends, if you see repeatedly about the dream of a dead person being alive inside your house, then this type of dream is not considered good. This dream shows that there may be some kind of negative energy inside your house.


7.Trick to see the dead alive in the dream, it gives you the message of the future

Seeing a dead body inside a dream and telling you something can give you a future message. Usually, in these types of dreams, we hear a specific thing from a dead person. If a dead person has told you something, then you should understand it. Like my sister, when it was over, then my aunt had a dream of my grandmother, in which the grandmother told the aunt in the dream that I did not know that Bai was over. It was found out much later that telling those people not to worry. Everything will be alright . This dream indicates that everything will be fine in your future. You may also have a similar dream.


9. See the dead in the dream alive and he asks you for something

Friends, you can see a dead person alive inside the dream and if he can ask you for bread, clothes or anything else. If so, then you must give those things in the name of the dead. By not giving such things, the dead can be unhappy and give you trouble. The dead can demand things because they were not satisfied within their lifetime if you donate things in their name. They get mental satisfaction. A woman telling about this kind of dream  Wrote that his mother came in a dream at night and was asking for slippers from him. After which the woman donated the slippers, after that she did not come in the dream.


10. The coming of the dead in the dream is the solution to your problem

Friends, many times we ask some things from a dead loved one. Some such special questions keep running inside our mind. And when there is no solution to these questions, then after coming in the dream, the dead tell the solution of these questions. When my grandmother died, my mother used to think that grandmother is still here? He was scared. After that my mom had a dream in which grandmother said that she lives near some sea. is not at home.


11. Seeing a stranger dead in the dream

If you see in the dream that a stranger is dead and he has become alive, then this dream tells that there are some things inside you which were suppressed earlier and now they can be alive again. However, such things can become a problem for you. You need to think about them once.


12. Give something alive to a dead person in a dream


As you have seen in the dream that a dead person has come to you and he has given you something, then it means that you are going to get some kind of benefit. A girl dreamed about her sister who had died 1 year ago that she has come inside the house and after coming has given many sweets to her younger sister. It's good to have this kind of dream.


13. Asking you for help through the dead in the dream

If you see in a dream that some dead person you know has died and is asking for some help from you, it means that the dead person is in trouble and you may need to help him. When my aunt's father-in-law had died, she came in her aunt's dream and said that she should not take Gangaji and take her away with fear. After that the aunt did the same and after that her father-in-law did not come in the dream.


14.Dead attacking you in dreams


If you see in a dream that there are one or more dead bodies and they attack you after being alive, then this dream shows that many troubles are going to come in your life and you need to be careful from these troubles. This type of dream is a negative sign.

 What does it mean to see a dead person alive in a dream?

So far in this article we have talked a lot about the living of the dead. But now let's know about this meaning only in brief. what does it mean to see the dead alive which is something like this -

1. miss the dead

When you see a dead person alive, it has many different meanings. But it also means that you are still missing that person who is dead in real life. Now in real life a dead person never comes alive. But seeing such a dream means that you are missing the person whom you have seen in your dream. Well, we spend many such moments in life. And we keep remembering those moments. Because of which such dreams can also come.

Friends, remembering the dead person shows that we had spent time with him for a long time and now he is not with us and this is the reason that we are missing him.

2. grief over death

There are many such dreams in which we see the dead alive. But when you have seen something like this, it means that the person whom you have seen in the dream is dead in real life and you are very sad because of his death. And till now you are living your life in the sorrow of that person's death. Well you will know that the one who is dead is not going to live again. In such a situation, you should understand this completely. Well, everyone has to die one day in life. And what we consider as our own is actually the physical body's own. If the physical body is destroyed then it is useless to remember it. You have to get out of this misery by any means.

3. negative energy

Now a lot of negative things happen in life. If a dead person appears to be alive, it indicates the same type of energy. It means that dead is such an energy which is considered bad and its presence is inauspicious. And it can also become the cause of many problems. It is very important to remove this type of energy from life. Otherwise something inauspicious will keep happening. Along with this, there will be difficulties in moving ahead in life.

4. dying person's living will

Sometimes it happens that the person who dies has something dear to him the most and because of that he keeps appearing alive again and again in the dream. In such a situation, if you also feel that there is someone who is repeatedly seen alive in your dreams. And you feel that he has some kind of desire left. So his wish has to be fulfilled. For which you can give something to someone in his name.

Dreams of seeing the dead alive can come for many reasons. About which we have told you above but mainly due to two reasons we can see the dead alive inside the dream. The first reason is that some memories related to that dead body are present inside our brain. And because of them we get dreams.


And the second reason is that the dead person we are dreaming of wants to tell us something with the help of dreams. Friends, it is easy to tell any dead person with the help of dreams. Because at that time our subconscious mind works and it is much more subtle and easily the dead can establish contact with it.


Although some dead can establish contact directly. But it is not for everyone to do so. Only some souls with high self-confidence can do this. As with my sister. She was always a good lady and the name of God was always on her face. She died within the year 2019 and then after about 9 months, we heard her voice within a day, she was saying that why should all the people sleep and work.

In this way, friends, if you see any kind of dream and you do not know about its meaning, then first of all tell you that what it means is not one but many. Like we talked about seeing you dead alive in this article. What does it mean if a person sees in a dream that there is a dead person who has become alive. Because the meaning of such dreams is not one but many. For this reason, anyone who keeps seeing such a dream should know what it means. By the way, we have explained everything to you in this article, but if you want to ask something again, then you can comment.

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