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what is the opposite of holy And holy of Antonym word in English


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what is the opposite of holy and holy Antonym word in English



opposite word /antonyms word

holy in English



holy in kannada



holy in urdu



2.غیر مقدس

holy in bengali





holy in tamil





holy in Marathi





1.Antonyms and meanings of holy

You have heard the holy word many times. Holy means pure in a way. Or that which is good is pure. For example, the body has to be washed before worshipping. So that any kind of dirt on it can be cleaned and the body can become pure.


In this way holy means one whose all the dirt has been cleaned. One is the dirt of the body which you can clean by washing and the other is the dirt of the mind. Purity of mind means the absence of any kind of bad thoughts inside the mind. If you have bad thoughts inside your mind then it means that your mind is not pure and you need to clean it. Similarly, if you have removed all kinds of thoughts present inside the mind, then now your mind is completely pure.


And you should also know that purity is defined differently in different contexts. As such purity or purity of gold means that no other quantity has been added to it. When gold is extracted from a mine, it is impure. Some adulteration is also done inside gold so that it can be usable.


2. Meaning of profane

Friends impure means that which is not up to the standards. Or that which is impure is called impure. If we worship without taking bath then we are called impure. It is difficult to use anything impure. In a way, an impure thing is sometimes considered inauspicious. And some things are considered completely impure. To sanctify the house, many times water and water and home things are done in the house too. Apart from this, unholy acts also take place in the house where negative forces reside.


3. Amazing story of purity of mind

It is a thing of ancient times. There used to be 5 friends living inside a village. The five of them were very good friends and played together in the evenings. And used to go to school together. But even after that there was a lot of difference within their ideology. The reason for this difference was also his family. And there were also some previous birth rites.


One day the Guru called the five of them and said…….Now your education is complete. Now I assign a task to the five of you. If you are able to complete that task properly, then I will understand that you do not need education anymore. But if you can't, then you have yet to learn.


………you five go and cut off the head of whoever you see inside the road for the first time and offer it inside my feet. Right now no one will question me. I will give you 7 days time. You will give me the answer only after 7 days.


After listening to the Guru, the five disciples went in different directions. First of all Sohan saw that a deer was coming in front of him, so he took out a dagger from his side and cut off its head and kept it with him.


After him the name of the second disciple was Mohan. He first saw a snake inside the path. So he ran to bite the head of the snake but when the snake entered the bill, he sat there and started digging the bill. After a few days, he somehow found that snake and cut off its head and kept it with him.


 Now the next disciple was Rohan. He first found his own mother. He could not understand whether it was proper to cut the mother's head. Or to obey the orders of the Guru? So he decided to leave his mother. Then he cut off the head of the person he met for the second time and kept it with him.


The name of the fourth disciple was Gohan. He was a very holy man. When he went inside the road, he first found a wounded deer. But he could not cut off her head because it was against humanity. This is what his teacher had also taught him. He treated her and let her go.



At some distance he found a peacock. But Gohan could not bite his head. After that Gohan gave up the idea of beheading and came back.


After that one last disciple named Pohan. He first got a dog, as soon as he tried to bite the dog's head, the dog bit him and he was badly injured. Couldn't cut anyone's head.


Exactly on the 7th day when all the friends appeared in front of the Guru, the Guru held his forehead listening to their words. But the disciples were becoming quite happy. But suddenly the Guru's gaze came towards Gohan standing on one side and asked, have you not brought anyone's head?


——— No, it is a great sin to commit sins without any reason just because of the Guru's orders or the Guru's obstinacy. If you did not tell the purpose of this, then how could I have committed this sin? If someone told me a good purpose, I would do it.


Griru was very happy after listening to the disciple and said………..Gohan, you have accepted education in the true sense. Education which cannot teach human beings to humanity is useless. Your friends haven't even learned humanity yet. They still need to read more. Because only then will he be able to become a good person.


Antonym of holy, reverse of holy, you must have liked the article, if you have any idea then comment below.



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