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what is the opposite of bond

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what is the opposite And antonyms words of Bond


opposite word /antonyms word

Bond in English

Free, unbond, Independent, freedom.

Bond in urdu

رہا کرنا


1. Antonyms and meanings of Bond

Bond means that which is tied. Like you tie an animal with a rope, for that we will say that the animal is in bondage. In the same way, the thoughts of a person are also binding on him. Many thoughts stick on us, from which we want to get rid of ourselves, but it is not so easy. By the way, where there are limits, there is Bond. The difference is that in some places the boundaries are big, so we do not realize that we are in bondage. Like if you are living inside a very big house then you will not feel that you are imprisoned but if you are given a house to live in then you will get bored very quickly and you will feel that you are very bored You have been tied up by someone.


Similarly, if you keep a bird locked inside the cage, then the bird will feel the bondage, but if you fly the same bird into the sky, then it will feel freedom. What restricts freedom or determines your scope is bondage.


By the way, no matter what kind of bondage is there, it is only painful. Because we are helpless. Just as it is a bondage for human beings that they have to eat food with only one mouth. They cannot eat food out of their mouth. And this is the bond. And if for some reason no one is able to eat food from the mouth, then there is a lot of problem. In the same way, you have only two eyes, which are the limit, where there is a limit, there is a bond.


2. Meaning of free

Friends Free means one who has become free from his limitations. In fact, the place from which we are free is called free. The name of complete liberation is salvation. Like a parrot locked inside a room and suddenly sent inside a big hole, it once feels free but the limits are still there. The inverse of bondage is salvation. The meaning of salvation is different, but most of the people who understand the meaning of salvation, it is by going beyond birth and death.


By the way, a person living nowadays tries to go beyond birth and death. And for this he also puts in a lot of effort. These days many gurus have been born in such a way that they give you the mantra for liberation and get their mantra and get free. Many people are chanting this mantra. However, you should think about whether you will get liberation from this mantra or not. By the way, let us tell you that salvation means to go beyond birth and death. If you can do this, then it will be quite a force for you.


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3.Bondand Salvation Story

It is a matter of ancient times. A king's boy used to study near a guru. When his education was completed, the Guru sent him to the palace. After coming inside the palace, the father asked…….son, have you completed your education?


……… yes father we have completed education?


, No, you have not received the real education yet. So you go back and bring the knowledge of truth. And after that the child went back to the Guru and said that Guruji, make me understand the truth.


After that Shibya gave 50 cows to the guru and said come back when these cows become 10.


Following the Guru's orders, the disciple went away and started grazing the cows inside the forest. In this way the time went on. When the number of cows became 100, the disciple came to the Guru and said…….Guru Dev, now there are 100 cows, please give me the knowledge of the truth. And then the Guru said


 ……..you don’t deserve it now, take 10 dogs and come back when they are 20. Now the disciple did the same and after a few years the disciple came back and said……..now Gurudev, make me know the truth. And after that the guru said……when you had taken 50 cows, your nature had become like a cow. And you had become like a cow. And now that you have taken 10 dogs, you have become like dogs.


The truth is that you are neither like a cow nor like a dog. You are always one rasa, neither do you have compassion nor mercy. You are simply the soul that is beyond all knowledge and ignorance. This is the truth.


……….But Gurudev, you could have told this thing earlier?



………. The reason for this is that when you have seen it yourself, then you have understood.


The meaning of bondage is that you are liking external things, when you accept external things, it is bondage. Clinging to external things is bondage. When you do not have yourself, that is salvation. You do not live in salvation.


We have learned about the antonyms of bond, hope you liked it. If you have any thoughts regarding this then comment below. If you have any suggestion then you can let us know.


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