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seeing white elephant in dream

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Elephant is an animal living in the forest, which is large in size and of simple nature. The color of its elephant's skin is different. Due to which they are known by names like white, black and brown elephant. But the meaning of seeing these elephants in a dream is not the same. Rather their meaning is different.

seeing white elephant in dream

Friends, the elephant whose skin color is white is known as white elephant. If this kind of elephant appears in a dream. So it doesn't mean anything simple. Because the vehicle of Indra, the god of Hinduism, is an elephant, its color is also white. For this reason, it is believed that if a white elephant is seen in a dream, then it is auspicious.

To see a white colored elephant in a dream means to get property. The meaning of the same dream gives a sign of getting money. It is believed that if a white elephant is seen in the dream, then some kind of success can be achieved. Because the white elephant gives a sign of success.

Some important signs of a white elephant seen in a dream like this are -

1. Sign of the beginning of Raja Yoga

Friends, seeing a white elephant in a dream means that the person's Raja Yoga will start. Due to which his life will be completely changed and he will start living life like a king. In this way, seeing a white elephant in a dream is a sign of the beginning of Raja Yoga.

One gets to live life like a king in Raja Yoga. Just as if you are a king, because the king has no shortage of anything, in the same way you will also have no shortage of anything. You can have servants and you will be like a king.

2. Sign of having excess of money

Friends, seeing a white elephant in a dream also means that so much money is going to come to the person who sees it as if it is raining money. And because of the money coming in this way, he will have excess of money.

There could be any reason for this. For example, due to a good job, there may be an increase in wealth or some kind of treasure may also be in hand.

3. Indication of increasing value by the same

Friends, when a white elephant appears in our dream, it also means that our value will increase equally. Especially this meaning is for a woman. Because there is a lack of respect in the life of a woman and she wants to get the same value. Due to which, when a white elephant is seen in the dream, then this value indicates an increase in the same.

4. Sign of Success

When a white elephant is seen in the dream, then this dream means getting a good success. But in this situation, this meaning is applicable to those people who want to achieve some kind of success. What kind of success this will be, it depends on the person.

To see a white elephant in a dream means something like this. But in dreams, white elephants appear in different positions. Like watching sitting on an elephant, seeing white elephant babies etc. So the meaning of these dreams is also different. Let us know what could be the meaning of these dreams.

1. Seeing Airavat Elephant in Dream

Friends, because the Airavat elephant is the elephant of Lord Indra, whose color is white. Due to which seeing a white elephant i.e. Airavat in a dream means a lot more auspicious. However, very few people see the white elephant of Devraj Indra in dreams. But even if a person sees Airavat in his dream, it proves to be very auspicious for him.

In fact, such a dream means a representation of living life like a king. Maybe you can start living life like a king.

Apart from this, the Airavat elephant of Devraj Indra is very knowledgeable and he is never afraid of difficulties. Rather, he can show a person a good path even in difficulties. Due to which seeing it in a dream also means that you are going to get a good success.

But it depends on what kind of success you want to achieve. If you are preparing for Norki then you can get a job. If you do any kind of business then you can get success in it.

2. Sitting on a white elephant in a dream

If you see in your dream that you have an elephant whose color is white and you are sitting on that elephant. So this kind of dream is considered auspicious in Hindu religions.

And such a dream indicates that whatever troubles or troubles were going on in your life till now, it is going to end now. Because your Raja Yoga is about to begin. This type of dream also indicates that your life is now about to achieve such a position which will be very useful and big. That means you can get some kind of success. This dream will completely change your life and signifies leading a simple life.

Maybe you will get a good job and your life will change.

It is also possible that you will get such a task, due to which your life will change and your problems will go away.

3. Seeing a lonely white elephant in the dream

Elephants are often seen in dreams. But when a white elephant is seen alone in a dream, it does not have any common meaning. Rather it can be said that this dream is inauspicious.

Because when an allegation is made on a person which is false, then some such allegation is going to be made on you.

It may be that in the work you are doing, you have to see some kind of allegation which is a false allegation for you. But the surprising thing will be that you will know that this allegation is a false allegation. But still you will not be able to do anything. Because when you will be falsely accused like this, then you will also accept it.

You cannot tell the reason for accepting a false allegation in this way, but some such situation will be created that you have to believe that what is being alleged against you is true.

4. Seeing yourself climbing on an elephant in a dream

Friends, if you see in your dream that there is an elephant which is very big and you yourself are climbing on that elephant. So this dream is very auspicious. Because it indicates more such success to be achieved in life which you yourself are about to achieve.

It is possible that you will get such a success in which you worked hard and you are getting the fruits of it.

After having such a dream, you should do your work more quickly so that success can be achieved soon.

5. Seeing white elephant babies or white baby elephant in the dream

Friends, seeing a white baby elephant or seeing a baby elephant means the same thing. And this type of dream means that some kind of change is going to happen in your life.

If you have seen a white baby elephant in your dream, then it would mean that there is going to be some change in your life that can take you towards success. May your fate be such that due to which your life will change and take you to a good place. In this way, seeing a white baby elephant in a dream means good.

But in the same sense, this dream is also not considered good. Because it points to some obstacles in achieving success. You may have to face difficulties in achieving the position you want to achieve.

In this way, worries will increase in your life. In such a situation, you will have to face difficulties to take your life on the right path. You have to overcome your shortcomings. To get success.

6. Seeing a lot of white elephants together in a dream

Arg you dream something like this in which there are many elephants. But the surprising thing is that all those elephants have the same skin color and they are white. So this type of dream is very auspicious in your life. Because this dream represents the attainment of peace in life. Due to which it may be that you are going to get peace due to some reason. May your sorrows go away and your life can go on peacefully.

Apart from this, this dream also represents a happy life. By which all your troubles may go away.

Apart from this, seeing many white elephants in a dream also means related to wealth. Because this dream says that you will get some kind of money. You may get this money because of your good works and hard work. But it gives indication of getting more money.

In this way, seeing a white elephant in a dream means that it gives a sign of happiness, peace and wealth in life.

Different types of questions asked by some users and their answers

Q.1. A woman named Shilayati asked a question in which she told that I had a dream in which there was a white colored elephant. I was spreading my eyes all around but I could not see any other elephant other than that elephant so what could be the meaning of such a dream.

Ans. Shilayati ji, you have actually seen a lonely elephant in your dream. Which has a simple meaning and that is that you should be careful in your life because you will be accused of some kind. Even if you haven't done anything, the charge is going to fall on you and you have to accept it. That is, this dream is giving indications of false accusations.

Q.2. My name is Manoj and I had a dream in which there are many white elephants and they are standing near some reservoir to drink water. The number of elephants was very high, which I was not able to find out.

Ans. Manoj ji this dream is very simple. Because the way it means to see a white elephant in a dream, in the same way it is meant to see many elephants together. Actually, the meaning of this dream is that happiness and peace is going to come in your life. Along with this, the meaning of such a dream is also related to getting money.

 Q.3. My name is Nilekha and I had a dream in which there is a white colored elephant. Which is decorated with beautiful ornaments. And it looks much better looking. Also he looks very strong. So what could be the meaning of this dream?

Ans. Nilekha ji, the way you dreamed, it is known that you saw Devraj Indra's elephant in your dream, which is white in color. And it means that you are about to achieve some kind of success in your life. You are going to live life like a king.

In this way, a white elephant is seen in dreams in different ways, which means different things, which we have come to know.

Have you found the answer to your dream?


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  1. Can u interpret this dream? - I was standing in a wild forest with my cousin. Suddenly something hits my mind if u go this way u will get a chance to meet prophet MUHAMMAD (saw). I rushed towards that direction on the pathway I have been given a choice, take left u can meet Adam(as) or take right to meet Muhammad (saw). I picked right out of love for prophet Muhammad (saw) and moved forward and reached an area fully covered with a fence. While wondering how to enter something hits my mind that on the right corner there is a torn fence through which u can go in. So I rushed and entered through it after taking a few steps I saw a person walking towards me with a Quran in his hand and I was told naturally by my heart that this person is prophet Muhammad (saw). But his physical appearance nothing matches with the description of hadith. I saw Him(saw) as if He was upset with me as I came without permission. HE(saw) told me to climb a tree that was beside me, I did while climbing I asked "shall I take my cousin with me" He(saw) said no he will climb another I insisted and He(saw) agreed while climbing up I realized He(saw) was not at all upset with me instead He(saw) was smiling but my cousin was not beside me and with that when I looked down with no time all got dark! And right after that I was shown a beautiful house and its door step which was literally floating with no side pillar and I was told it's the house of Adam(as) and my dream ends.


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