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Different use of windmill and windmill benefits


uses of windmill , uses of windmill energy ,an advantages of wind powerd . You must have heard the name of the windmill very much, it is a structure that converts the wind energy into mechanical energy and after that this passenger power is converted into electrical energy. The horizontal windmill was sighted in Iran within the 9th century. Then in the 12th century, vertical windmills were visible inside northwestern Europe.


When the windmill was not developed, there used to be a wheel which rotated through the wind. And later the windmill was built on the basis of this. This type of wheel was used inside China around 7th century. However, there is still no clear information about this.


uses of windmill

The windmill became popular in Europe in the 14th century; The total number of windmill mills in 1850 was about 200,000. These windmills were installed at places where the ground was flat and the air moved too much to produce more energy.  But since the production of electricity by producing water steam, their use has reduced considerably.


Of the 10,000 windmills used in the Netherlands around 1850, about 1,000 are still standing. Most of these are run by volunteers, although some mills are still running commercially.


Earlier there used to be many industries which were operated by windmills but the economic development had a bad effect on these industries, due to which most of them have been shut down till now.


The wooden cog and ring gear were used by Vitruvius, an engineer from the Austrian Age, to develop the first horizontal axis water wheel. It is believed that the tower mill came into existence within 1300 AD. Normandy mill is mentioned inside 1430 AD.


Water pump mills operated from the US were developed within the US in 1854. Four wooden blades were used inside these mill and steel blades were used within 1870 AD.


Between 1850 and 1970, many windmills were installed inside the US, which were used a lot. Especially for pumping water and for producing steam. The power generating windmill was invented by an engineer in 1888 AD. This windmill could generate 12 kW power and a heavy rotor was installed inside it.


Today the windmill which produces electricity is known as wind turbine. Between 1973 and 1986 years 50 to 600 kW wind turbines have been built for mutual utility wind farm applications. This wind turbine comes inside many blades. Two or three bladed wind turbines are most commonly used.

1. Use the grinding mill to grind grain

Today, different types of electric mill have been used to grind grains, but earlier there was no electric flour mill, so in many places a wind powered mill was used. However, its production capacity was low. In this, the wind used to rotate like this and the rotating of that blood used to revolve the other shaft connected with it, grains were inserted inside a hole and the grain was changed between the stones. He was then stuffed inside the bags.


2. Use of windmill to extract oil from seeds

Windmills were also used to extract oil. Bulls were used to extract oil from us. Similarly, windmills are used to extract oil from seeds. It is also similar to grinding flour. The blades rotate with the help of air and the seed is inserted inside a hole. And then the seeds are brewed. And on the other hand the oil is collected inside the vessel.


3. To remove water from the ground

Even today, windmills are used in many places to extract water from the ground. Although the water pumps used in ancient times were only mechanical pumps, but the windmill used nowadays is done within a much advanced level.

. Use of power mill for power generation

Friends, the windmill used to generate electricity is known as wind turbine. It is known as wind energy converter. It works by converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. The wind turbines are built in a wide range of vertical and horizontal axes. Small turbines are used for applications such as charging batteries for auxiliary power for boats or caravans, or giving traffic warning signs. 4


Wind turbines are now being used for domestic power supply as well, reducing dependence on fossil fuels. And less grinhouse gas is being emitted than geothermal, coal and gas.


Use of windmill to extract oil from seeds

pavan energy first appeared inside Europe in the 11th or 12th century. The first historical records of their use in England in the 12th century, German criminals with the skills of making windmills, were transported to Syria around 1190. Advanced wind turbines were invented by Fausto Veranzio. He also described about the different types of turbines in his book.


The first power-generating wind turbine was built in July 1887 by academic James Baileith in Marycork, Scotland. Another wind turbine was invented by American inventor Charles F. together with his colleagues. ‌‌‌ This turbine could easily supply power inside scattered populated areas.


By the 1930s, electric wind generators were common and were used to produce electricity inside fields, especially in places where there was no electricity supply.


Use of windmill in electricity generation

The modern horizontal wind generator was built in 1931 AD. It was a 100-kilowatt generator on a 30-meter (98 ft) tower, connected to the local 6.3 kV distribution system. The first utility grid-connected wind turbine to operate in the UK was built in 1951 with the help of Brown & Company.


Wind turbines are of two types, one horizontal or one vertical and the vertical designs produce less power and are common.


Horizontal axis

The gearbox, rotor shaft and brake assembly are used inside the horizontal axis turbine. Three bladed horizontal turbines are used much today. The turbine towers have the main rotor shaft and electrical generator. Most have a gearbox, which transforms the slow rotation of the blade into a fast one that drives the power generator. Some turbines use slower speeds. Because of this they do not require a gear box. They are also known as direct-drives.


The turbines used inside the field to produce electric power are of 3 blades. They have low torque and the blades are usually white for visibility by aircraft and range from 20 to 80 m (66 to 262 ft). Consists of


They are built up to 8 MW and have now been built up to 12 MW. The typical multi-MW turbines range from 70 meters to 120 meters.


Vertical axis

The main rotor shafts in vertical-axis wind turbines (or VAWT) are arranged vertically. The special feature of this turbine is that the turbine does not need to be set in the wind to be effective. But more experiments can be done. Where the wind direction varies greatly. The generator and gearbox can be placed near the ground. Its biggest problem is that its energy production capacity declines over time. Apart from this, it also does Shaur which can be a concern.

Currently, these water pumps are powered by electricity and alternator is used inside them, which is a very low maintenance system and can easily operate for years even without inspection.


The windmill-generated electric pumping system provides a cost-effective alternative to small diesel pumps for both drinking water and small plot irrigation which is quite good. Also where more water is required. With the help of the windmill, the water is extracted from the ground and then stored inside a tank.


After that it can be used when needed. In areas where there is no electricity supply, windmills or solar energy are both good options and with the help of these, water can be supplied easily.


A typical windmill with an 8 'diameter wheel can lift water 185 feet and pump about 150 gallons an hour in 15 to 20 mph air when using a 1 cylinder "pump cylinder. A windmill with blades rotating 15 to 20 MPH can easily discharge 1500 gallons of water if it flies within 35% of the time.

7. The grinding mill is used in sugarcane industries.


The grinding mill is also used inside sugarcane industries. Windmills were used to grind sugarcane inside sugarcane industries. Betty Hope was a sugarcane plantation in Antigua. It was established in 1650. Here two windmills were used to crush sugarcane within 1737 AD. The help of vertical rollers was taken inside it. Percent juice used to come out.


 A windmill could extract two acres of sugarcane juice. The weekly production here was generally about 5,500 gallons of sugarcane juice from 200 tonnes of sugarcane.


However, this machinery is no longer used. It is housed as a collection and people come to see it now. The Center-cum-Museum is now located in the store room of an old cotton house with a history of gardening with estate plans, paintings and maps, artifacts and a central location. A model is displayed.


During May 2005, funds were raised to improve Betty Hope by organizing a concert called "A Penny Concert".


‌‌‌8 to charge the battery

As we told you above, wind energy is also used to charge the battery by generating electricity.  And currently this method is becoming the most popular. In this, a wind turbine is connected to the battery and the battery is automatically charged when it rotates. The electricity stored in the battery is used for some other purpose. Like lighting bulbs etc.


9. Use of windmill under sailing

Friends, the use of windmill inside sailing has been going on for a very long time. Since 5000 BCE, wind power has been used to produce power inside boats. Within recent days, small ships have also been seen using wind energy. The reason behind this is that by using the wind inside these vessels, the fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 30 percent. In this way, wind energy is being used in transport for a long time.


Benefits of windmills or benefits of wind energy

Till now we have known about the different uses of windmills. Let us now know that wind energy gives us some kind of benefit? And how useful is this method of energy production?


Available within a low cost

Friends, wind power is available at a low cost and for this you do not need to spend a lot more. Inside it you just have to spend money once. After that for 20 years you can take energy inside the fry, which is a very good work. You do not need to spend any kind of money later for fuel recovery.


Energy generates employment

Even energy generates employment. The US wind sector employs over 100,000 workers. Nowadays the use of wind turbine is increasing rapidly. And because of this, jobs are also increasing rapidly. Overall, wind energy is creating very good employment opportunities.


Wind energy is environment friendly

Friends, wind energy is environment friendly and does not contaminate the atmosphere. Burning of fossil fuels emits nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. And currently environmental pollution is increasing a lot.  If environmental pollution continues to increase like this, then it will not be worth living in the future. But if people start to use more and more wind energy and solar energy then pollution can be reduced. Wind energy protects the environment from contamination.


Wind energy is a domestic source

Electricity can be easily produced for a house inside a windmill. Once the energy is generated, it can either be sent to the grid or stored inside the battery. In many places, wind energy is sent to the grid, which serves to make domestic electricity cheaper.


The cost of is very high. It costs from 4 to 5 crores / MW which is quite expensive and it is much cheaper if using solar system. Apart from this, a lot of problems have to be faced for installing solar systems.

Occupies very little space


The most important thing about a wind turbine is that it does not occupy much space like a solar plate. Because the wind turbine is mounted on the wind. The bottom only occupies as much space as a pole. The rest of the land below it can be easily used for farming. When you put solar plate inside your field, it covers the whole place. After that, the ground under the plates cannot be used for any other purpose.


Use of windmill under sailing

Very useful in places where electricity is unavailable

Places where there is no electricity. Wind energy can be used there. And that's good enough. Nowadays it is much better than the corporation's roundabout for electricity.


‌‌‌ By the way the windmill is quite dull, but it is not suitable in places where the wind is less moving. And inside areas like India, wind energy is not as effective as solar energy. For this reason, the plate of solar energy is seen almost everywhere.


Apart from this, the cost of production of wind energy is very high. It costs from 4 to 5 crores / MW which is quite expensive and it is much cheaper if using solar system. ‌‌‌ Apart from this, many problems are also faced for installing solar systems. For example, data is collected from 1 to 2 years to check the wind speed. This is done so that the solar system can produce the right amount of energy. In this way it is a very long process.


Apart from this, it is also very difficult to store wind energy. If you produce electricity from a wind turbine, you cannot store so much electricity. This can be a big problem for you inside such a situation. However you can send electricity to the grid.

Apart from this, the speed of wind is also a big problem. There are many areas inside India where the air is almost absent. Windmills are not much useful in such places. It works inside the airs where the air is moving well.

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