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13 meanings of seeing white sheep in a dream

Friends, sheep are a kind of domestic animal. Which is like a goat. The three main reasons behind domestication are those, mass and milk production. The offspring of a sheep is called a lamb. It is said that sheep have been close to humans for a long time and have remained domesticated. And this is the reason that humans consider sheep to be their closest. For your information, let us tell you that people who keep sheep rear a large number of sheep, in which you will get to see different types of sheep. Like white sheep, black sheep, brown sheep etc. seeing white sheep in dream Often humans keep having dreams. And in those dreams, different types of animals and things are seen. And everyone is curious to know about their dream whether their dream is auspicious or inauspicious. Along with this, what is the true meaning of what they have dreamed. For this reason many people come to this internet world to know the answer of their dreams. Whether their dream is auspicious or inausp

Top type of Flour Mill and its use


different types of flour mill or type of Flour Mill ,Do you know what kind of flour mill is there? In this article we will talk about the type of flour mill. Flour mill will be easily found in almost every house. The flour mill is used to grind wheat mace.

Earlier most of the people used to go outside the house to grind wheat flour to go to the mill to grind flour, but with time there has been a lot of change. And now you will get to see flour mill inside every house. Earlier there was no flour mill inside our house but since the owner of the flour mill started charging an arbitrary price for the flour milling. After that we spent some money and brought flour mill. Nowadays, flour miles run very rarely. The reason for this is the cost of flour grinding.


different types of flour mill

‌‌‌ Well there are many types of flour mill but if you take a flour mill for home then it comes in single phase and can easily be found between 8000 to 9000. With this help you can grind a lot of grains within an hour. It is also enough for a big house.


Commercial Flour Mill What are the types of flour mill


Commercial flour mills Machine is a kind of machine that is much heavier than a domestic flour mill. Often you will have seen a small flour grinding machine on which you have sometimes gone to grind flour. There is only Commercial Atta Chakki which is not very heavy. A similar type of mill is used inside the flour making and is a 3 phase mill. If you talk about the price of this flour mill, then it comes around 16000. However, we cannot use this flour mill indoors because it requires a separate connection.

·      Weight (kg) -150 To 450 KG Kilograms (kg)

·      Capacity - 100 To 160 Kg / hr

·      Milling System - Roller Mill

·      Cleaning System - Sifter


different types of flour Domestic flour mills

We all know about the domestic flour mill. The domestic flour mill comes at a much cheaper cost. It is priced at its capacity. It costs around 10,000 with a 3 hp motor. If it is single phase then it can be easily used inside the houses.  This flour mill is used mostly in homes. This mill can grind about 30 kg of grain in one hour which is enough for home.


This flour mill works at 220 V, inside which you can also install a motor of less power than 3 HP and if you have more members inside the house then you can also install motor accordingly.


·      Simple structure, easy to operate and easy to clean.

·      The crusher effect is good ‌‌‌.

·      The crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber, the particle size can be obtained by changing the orifice size of the screen.

·      Milling Screen 0.6 mm.

·      Suitable for wheat (0.2 mm), corn, soybeans, peas, coffee beans, paddy rice, dry spices, turmeric, dry chillies, white and black pepper, sorghum.

·      Fine and even powder can reach 100 mesh.

·      High crushing rate and some powder leakage from the machine.

·      Changing screens, spare parts and accessories is easy.

·      Benefits for farmers, residential use, NGOs, self-help groups and small scale industries.

Automatic flour mills

There are mainly two types of Automatic Atta Chakki. One is the domestic Automatic flour mills and the other is the Industrial Automatic Flour Mill. So we should know about these two separately, first we know about Automatic Domestic Flourmill which we can use indoors.


Automatic Domestic Flourmill

Automatic Domestic Flourmill are very expensive and they cost around 23000. However, their biggest thing is that it works only at 230 volts which is the power supply inside the houses. कीBut there are different types of functions inside every type of flour mill, which you can find out while going to buy a flour mill.


·      This flour mill is very easy to operate, maintain and clean.

·      Chambering made of cold forged steel ensures partial grinding of iron.

·      The most powerful, efficient and rugged electric motor is based on German technology.

·      A lifetime warranty for the grinding chamber and a 1-year warranty for the motor for all other manufacturing defects except for rubber and plastic parts are met by ‌‌‌.

·      Maintains all the nutrients of grains such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fiber

·      Wheat, gram flour, rice, bajari, maize, jowar, coffee, rava, urad, coriander, turmeric, daliya, mehndi to moong, black pepper, salt, amla etc. can be easily brewed.

·      Electric motor: motor power 1 hp single phase

·      220/240 V motor speed 2800 rpm,

·      Low power consumption: 0.75 units per hour

·      10 kg / hr ‌‌‌ production capacity

·      7 types of stainless steel / brass perforated gels are provided for making various types of rotis, pulses, and spices.

·      The mill comes with a kit with brush cleaning manual, warranty card and demo CD

·      CD is also supported.

Automatic Domestic Flourmill mainly comes in many varieties. And it closes completely like a freeze. These days flour mill are running. You can grind them by putting about 4 kg of grains together. It also looks beautiful inside the house like a freeze.


Industrial flour mills Machine

Industrial flour mills Machine

Industrial flour mills Machine is quite expensive. It costs from 1 lakh to crores. And many types of big machines and heavy motors are used inside it. This type of machinery is used within large flour miles. Fully Automatic Chakki Atta Plant With Gravity Separator costs you around 11 lakhs. Similarly, the price of Flour Mill Automatic Plant is around 45 thousand. There are many types of flour mills available inside the market which have their own specialties.



These machines have a production capacity of 400-500 kg / H. And if we talk about its motor, it can be more than 54 HP. These machines are used within large miles where there is more emphasis on production.

Flour mill plant

Flour Mill Plant is very expensive and has a very high production capacity. It can cost between 5 lakh to 14 lakh or more. These heavy machinery are used where more production is required. They have capacities up to 1000–1200 kg / hr (Cleaning) and 400–500 kg / Hr (Milling) and are machines that work on 3 phase power supplies. However, their production capacity also depends on the type of machines. Many types of large flour mills are available inside the market.

flour mill besan plant

The gram flour plant is called the one where gram lentils are brewed and its gram flour is prepared. Gram flour plant is like a flour grinder, but there are some things inside it which are useful for grinding gram lentils.


There is a lot of difference within the price of an besan plant. It is available at very different prices. It usually gets from 85000 to 10 lakh. However, its price varies according to the need. All the work is done inside the Automatic Besan Plant Machine. Once the lentils are put inside the machine, they are automatically collected inside a sack after grinding. And when the sack is full, another sack is planted.


Roller Flour Mill Plant

Roller Flour Mill is a different type of flour mill. It is like a CNC machine which is completely closed. And it is very expensive when it comes to its price, it comes in from 5 lakhs to crores. It can have a motor up to 163 hp. This machine can work on both 3 phase and 2 phase. However, different machines come for this. In this way, large machines are used within miles of flour.


What type of flour mill is based on the power supply

There are mainly two types of flour mill based on phase, one is single phase and the other is phase.

A signal Phase Flour Mill

We mainly use single phase flour mill inside our homes. And most of its capacity is up to 3 HP. And this flour mill is used for less production. Nowadays 1.5hp motor is used a lot inside homes. Due to which the mill is not too heavy and the production is also good. Asingle phase flour mill also costs less. And it is also very easy to maintain.


3 phase flour mill

‌‌‌3 phase flour mill is used within the flour mile. It is not used as a domestic flour mill. It costs around 16000. And goes to crores. This type of flour mill has high production capacity. According to the demand, the business owner can choose them. There are many types of flour mills inside the supermarket. They can be purchased according to your need. It usually uses 440 volt power supply.


What are the types of flour mill? Inside the article we learned about different types of flour mill. If you want to get flour mill for home, then there are different types of flour mills inside the market. One completely comes off which is used indoors nowadays. ‌‌‌ While there is another open flour mill which is also used inside the houses, which does not look beautiful but is cheap. ‌‌‌ Well you can buy as per your choice and according to need. If you have any question regarding the article, then you can comment by commenting below.



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