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Top illegal business ideas and risk factor


Top illegal business ideas -Often you have heard people saying that earning is only within the number two business. His saying is also very true. Earnings are within the number two business. However, it is not a matter of everyone to do them. There can be a lot of money in the matter of earning. There were two people who used to do business of liquor. One of them had a lot of money and the other had a lot of money but one is still inside the jail. Is passing His wife is somehow filling up her stomach.


Similarly, these two number businessmen also fight among themselves and often kill each other within the turn of each other. A few years ago, a businessman killed another near our site.


Actually, no one wants to do business of number two, but today the number of human beings is very high and compared to them the resources are very less, then the person does not see right and wrong to feed his stomach. The government comes and makes several laws to stop the number two business but never attacks its root. Society has always slept. This is the reason that even after enacting the law, such businesses do not stop. And number two businesses are taking offense as day by day.


However, inside the business of number two, there is a big earning. Anyone looking at this income will want to get inside these businesses. Recently, while I was reading about prostitutes, it came to know that a woman started doing business because she could easily earn from 1000 to 3000 within an hour. Whereas she could not make so much money inside the second job.


So let's know about two different business. And about their position inside India.


illegal business ideas Wrong use of rented womb 

illegal business ideas Wrong use of rented womb


There is no specific law for the womb of rent within India, although many bills have been passed now. Let me tell you that till 2013, the business of rented womb in India was about 63 crores.  And inside this work, pregnant mothers are seen being exploited. Let me tell you that they do not take the child who gives birth many times. This creates a big problem. Surrogacy clinics continue to receive complaints of its misuse, unethical behavior, human fetal importation.


The business of surrogacy in Lucknow is booming. Some women go inside this business due to lack of money and some get off like this. The couple charges 10 to 18 lakhs. And only 5 lakh rupees are given to the real woman who makes available 4 rental womb.  In the city of Lucknow alone, more than 70 women sell their womb every year and they are also paid for it.


Such a business of rental womb is harmful for womb-selling mothers. But middlemen take great advantage of this. The first thing is that the mothers who give the womb have to face a lot of problems inside it.  And if there is a deficiency in the child due to any reason, then it is possible that the couple does not even take the child.

If statistics are to be believed then every year 2000 foreign children are born in India in the same manner. And so far more than 3000 clicks are providing this type of facility. As you will know that surrogacy is a technique whose Inside the sperm and ovum of a woman and man are sent to the womb of a third woman (surrogate mother). And the same mother keeps it in her stomach for 9 months. And after the child is born, it is given to its real parents.


Whether Shahrukh Khan-Gauri Khan or Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao Khan, Sohail Khan-Seema Sachdeva Khan and Tusshar Kapoor, all of them have achieved children with this technique. Overall, it is now taking the form of luxury. ‌‌‌ And in the coming time, the possibility of this technique cannot be ruled out as most people will start using other mothers to give birth to their child. Especially those who have a lot of money.


Surrogacy is also being severely criticized. The reason behind this is that the purchase of organs inside it can also be sold. And many big gangs may also be working inside it.


Even after the technique of artificial insemination is very old inside India, no clear law has been made on it. Apart from this, India is the largest country to be liked by foreigners inside the womb of rent. The reason behind this is that it is very cheap inside India and the couple does not have to face any kind of legal problem here. But due to the loose fitting laws, the mother who pays for the rent has to face many problems. If the couple wants a boy and becomes a girl, then they may abandon it. In such a situation, that child will again be orphaned. For this reason some people also say that this will increase the number of orphans rapidly.


The purpose of this article is only to give information. This article is not written to promote wrongdoing of any kind.


 illegal business ideas female feticide


Female feticide is a major crime. And it is also a stigma on the entire female caste. The reason behind the feticide is that even today in India it is believed that it is very important to have a male to pursue the lineage. And for this reason, those who want a son get the same sex test done inside the womb of the fetus and then when they find out that they have a daughter, then they get her murdered. Removing a girl child after a gender test from the womb is called female feticide.


And this is done by the in-laws. And many times this work is done without the knowledge of the mother. And people doing this work charge a hefty amount for it. According to a survey report, 1.20 crore girls are estimated to have been killed in the womb in the last 30 years in India.


Female feticide has given rise to many kinds of evil within the society. Today, what you see unmarried men inside a large number of society is the result of this thinking. The biggest disadvantage of having more unmarried men inside the society is that there will be increase in sexual crime. The public believes that if this continues, then in the coming times, there will be a rapid increase in the contradictions against women. And it will be very difficult to curb it.


However, a law has also been enacted for female feticide. Under the Indian Penal Code, 1860, if a woman miscarries against the permission of any woman, then she can be imprisoned for seven years. Also, abortion without the consent of the woman (Section 313) and death of the woman due to attempted abortion (Section 314) is a punishable offense.


Apart from this, according to Section 315, if a person, except for the survival of a mother, stops the birth of a child or kills her after birth, she can be imprisoned for 10 years.


According to Section 316 and Section 318, abandoning a newborn and destroying her body by killing her is a crime. The word gender is used within these laws. And this has been done so that it can be applied in the context of both genders. However, cases of male feticide are rare in India.


And when a woman is born a boy, she is seen with a lot of respect, whereas if a woman is born a girl constantly, she is forced to conceive again and again.  The sex ratio falling inside India is a alarm bell. It has been in operation since 1961. In 1991, the number of girls in the ratio of 1000 boys was 945, which has come down to 927 in 2001 and 918 in 2011. And if this continues, a major imbalance may be created within the society which can be quite severe.

Regardless of whether the government starts the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao movement in this matter or changing the mentality of some other people is not so easy. Most people are double minded. And many of them are such that they themselves do not know that their thinking is bogus. They work just like a machine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao movement in 100 districts inside Panipat in Haryana. The biggest reason behind this was that the sex ratio in Haryana is very low.

 illegal business ideas Purchase of body parts for sale

illegal business ideas Purchase of body parts for sale

The selling of body parts is also illegal, but even then people do not desist from buying and selling them. The biggest reason for this is that there is a lot of money inside this number two business. You should know that there is a great demand for human organs and according to that, organs are not available. Because of which people are buying them at a high price. However, the sale of organs inside India is legally a crime. If someone donates the organs of his own free will, then it does not come under the law.

3000 people are waiting for organs inside Mumbai city but they are not getting organs. Similarly, in Tamil Nadu, around 3,500 people need kidney but kidney is not available for them, while 400 people are struggling with the need of other organs. If they do not get the organs of need soon, they may die.

Within India, it is not estimated how much organs are needed inside the country, but according to experts, there are 4 lakh people who need organs all the time. People are those who need organs. According to a report of the World Health Organization, every year, 2000 people in India sell their kidneys for money only.

The reason for the turnover of crores of kidneys and human organs is that the availability is not even 3% as compared to the demand.

In October 2002, an article was published inside the American Medical Journal. It was mentioned inside this article that most people who buy kidneys and other human organs inside India are rich. Whereas people who sell human organs are poor who sell their organs for money.

ड़ A kid seller gets around 80 thousand rupees for his kidney. With these money he pays his debt and tries to improve his standard of living.

There is a ban on the purchase of human organs inside India. For this, the Transplantation of Human Organ Act of 1994 prohibits the sale of human organs. Similarly, the Transplantation of Human Organ and Tissue Act was also enacted in 2014. Even though laws have been made, but the law is not followed in the right way. This is why a complete ban cannot be placed on the buyer and seller of human organs. Apart from this, due to high demand and no donation of organs of the dying person, it is not possible to fulfill the demand.

‌‌‌ And those who are in great need of kidney, their relatives try to buy the kidney in any way. At that time, they do not think about the legal and illegal way. Besides, the sale of human organs is also not an easy task.

At the same time, some doctors argue that when a woman gets permission to rent her womb easily, then the kidneys should also be allowed to sell. And it should be valid. Anyone can sell their kidney to anyone at will.

While the Kidney does not face any kind of danger. Within Iran, a law has been made that anyone can legally donate their Kidney. For those struggling with the problem of Kidney The law is proving to be a boon, and now and some other countries are also considering bringing such a law on their own.

The Human Organ Transplant (Amendment) Bill 2009 was passed in the Lok Sabha only to ban the illegal procurement of human organs. This law prohibits the trade of human organs. If someone is found to be doing illegal business of human organs, he can be sentenced to 10 years and a fine of up to one crore. If a person dies, his family can donate his organs to him on his own. Different centers have been opened for this.

Foreigners are also coming inside India for organ transplant. The reason behind this is that organs are easily available here and their price is also very cheap. And sometimes there are reports that doctors take out the kidneys of patients by deception

If we talk about the price of human organs inside the black market, you will be shocked to know. Some people were caught inside Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, from whom kidneys and liver were recovered. During interrogation, it was found that they used to lure and lure poor people and take kidneys and liver within 3 lakhs of them and these people used to sell the liver for 25 to 3 million rupees at a very expensive price and charged 70 to 80 lakhs of kidneys. . So you can understand that the people who are involved inside this number two business make so much money.

In a state like West Bengal, these types of works run very poorly. According to a news published inside 2012, the entire racket of human organs is being procured inside Dinajpur district. Speaking to the BCC, a kidney seller said that all the famous hospitals in the vicinity were selling 4 kidneys. Are involved inside and when the hospitalists were talked about it, they said that all kinds of operations are done here but there is no illegal work of any kind.

Knowledgeable people of the village say that this district falls within the most backward districts, and there is no work available throughout the year. In such a situation, people are easily tempted for a small amount of money. There are many people who are selling organs of their own free will.

Fake and pirated CDs

Counterfeit and pirated CDs are the largest number two business, however, with the advent of the Internet, it is now controlled. Talking about 5 years or so from today, at that time fake cdis used to be sold a lot but now it is no more. Now that more fake cedis are not sold. We remember that whenever a movie came, its fake Sidi used to come inside the market easily and there was no restriction on those shops. A lad used to cost 50 rupees.

But since the internet has come. Any film is easily available on the Internet within 50 rupees and you can watch it, then who will buy Sidi. Today, even if you go to a shop, you will get to see only a few small poles.

The people making the fake marriage often record it inside the Sanima Hall after the film is released and then make it and sell it easily inside the foreign countries. Although such cases have been coming to light for a long time and action is being taken against those who do business of this number two, but these people again get out on bail and take back this business.

Business of adulteration of food stuffs

The business of amalgam runs very fast inside India and the government is not ready to take any step to stop it. This number two business is flourishing so much that don't ask. There is also adulteration in the bag of milk you bring from inside the market. Not only this, you will find adulteration inside almost everything you eat and drink. There is adulteration inside the powdered peppers and seeds. Many types of medicines are also added inside fruits and vegetables which are dangerous for health.

Fruits, sweets, milk, curd, ghee, lentils and oil are under the grip of adulteration. More than half of the samples taken by the Food and Drug Controller Department have spread, which is a matter of great concern. It is said that right now there are many things inside the market that are being sold by adulteration.

Sampler for banana, papaya and mango has also been caught. The chemical that is used to cook them is quite harmful. They are also found inside these fruits. Within 2016, more than 500 samples of food items were taken and a third sample spread in them. Adulterants have also been found inside turmeric salt and chillies. And most of the adulterants escape due to lack of lab to check adulteration. This is the reason why adulteration is not stopping. If we look at the 2016 adulteration report, we will be shocked.

Adulteration of foodstuffs has become very common, and this disease has taken such a terrible form that it is now becoming almost impossible to stop it. Production is not increasing at the speed at which the population is increasing. For the growing population, the supply of food grains is possible only through medicines. The government also knows that if 100 percent adulteration is stopped, it will become very difficult for the common people to buy things. Because they will then become very expensive.

Many people complain about adulteration of goods found inside the markets, but their complaint is really true. The problem of adulteration is no longer common. The problem of selling bad products is increasing very fast. And when Holi or Deepawali arrives in India, sweets begin to be made indoors and sweets are decorated in the shop. At the same time, adulterated khour becomes active, they use cheap and fake mawe. And make cheap sweets and sell them inside the market.

According to an estimate, 30 percent of sweets and other food items are sold fake inside the market all the time. You must have heard the name of cold drinks. Many types of harmful substances are added to it, such as Lyden, DDT Malathion and Chlorpyrifos, which cause cancer and neurological problems. Besides this, phosphoric acid is also added to the cold drink which is very harmful to the teeth. That is why cold drink is also known as sweet poison.

In contrast, those who adulterate earn millions. In this regard, many milkers add water inside the milk. These people mix about 1 liter of water inside 8 liters of milk. However, water does not cause damage. Still these people earn up to 300 rupees from water and charge the rest at a higher price.

In March 2019, 31 bags of milk powder and six packets of chemical were found from a sweets shop in Udharanpur, Shahabad. Not only this, milk is sold inside the market in the name of a well-known company. And it gets only 10 rupees a kilo. While mango milk you will get around 50 rupees a liter. This type of fake milk is prepared thousands of liters daily. And it is sold indiscriminately inside the market. If people believe that nothing is able to be eaten now. Adulteration is also being done inside the oil sold for Rs. 90 liter. And governments are completely silent on this. Brick sawdust, yellow color mixed with turmeric and ground chaff and chilli powder are being mixed inside the chillies. Have been.

Cigarette Selling railway

It is also proposed to amend section 167 of the Railway Act 1989. Right now there is a provision for imprisonment of beedi-cigarette smokers on a train, train station or platform. But there was a news in the last few days that an amendment is being considered within this Act. But whatever happens, people who have to smoke cigarettes inside the train, they also drink. Apart from this, people have been seen selling hawkers in the train within long distance journey.

Although they do not earn more than this, but they earn good. The reason behind this is that the people who do not have cigarettes and those who do not have cigarettes are not able to stop. Though it can also result in severe punishment, but who cares about the punishment within today's time.

Now according to the decision of the railway, begging inside the train premises will no longer be a crime and you can also smoke cigarettes. However this does not mean begging. But this decision has been taken on humanitarian grounds.

Copy content

It is a crime to copy content from someone else's website. Everyone knows this, but even today, many websites are going on inside the country that copy content from other websites and then enjoy it. And there are no restrictions on them. Days a news came that someone copied the government website and then earned lakhs of rupees from it. After that a case was filed against the owner of that website under cyber cell.

But by then the person had earned a lot of money by then. Well this is not a one-off affair. There are many cases in which people copy content and earn a good amount of earning from it. Similarly, a person created a duplicate website similar to flipkart and after that he did a tremendous urn. This is a very good number two business. However, police may have to cut it.

Small cylinder refilling illegal business ideas in hindi

You will be surprised to know that those who refill small cylinders also earn a lot of money. These people charge a high price and earn a good amount of money. Generally people living in far flung people do not have a gas connection. In such a situation, this is what people do to provide them gas. Used to go Let me tell you that they easily charge 3 times the price of a 14 forts cylinder.

And the government is not doing any work to curb them. Because of this, this business continues to grow rapidly.

Foreign liquor business

Foreign liquor business
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The liquor business is most popular inside the business of number two. There are many places where people make indigenous liquor indoors. And then sell. Although the government gives license for the sale of liquor, the problem with the license is that it also has to pay heavy tax to the government, due to which this wine becomes quite expensive and less people buy it. In contrast, native and illicit liquor are cheap and no tax is to be paid for it. A wind is easily sold at double rates. This is the reason why this drinker likes initiative.

If a common licensed liquor is found within 70 to 90 rupees, then illicit liquor will be available at half the price.
Tell you that illegal liquor contains things like salmon, spirit and urea, and then it is sold which is very harmful for health. And sometimes drinking this type of poisonous liquor can also lead to death. Unauthorized liquor carts are being caught almost every day but this work does not stop because there is too much money inside it and to make money today In time, people are ready to do anything. To stop the sale of illegal liquor, more awareness is needed rather than police action.

In many places liquor is being made from lime, in which tea leaf and saliva are mixed. This type of alcohol is poisonous and can also cause death.

The liquor made in this way is sold within 10 rupees and many people are buying and drinking it due to cheap liquor.

You will be surprised to know that illegal liquor business worth crores of billions of rupees is conducted every month and in this case liquor worth nearly lakhs of rupees is also caught every month. But the business of illicit liquor never stops. And the biggest reason for not stopping it is that our government system is very loose. A liquor businessman is caught but a few days later he comes out on bail. If he has money, then no police of the world can even bank on his hair. If he does not have money, then he will keep grinding the grinder inside the hotel. I know many liquor businessmen who do illegal liquor business and they make a lot of money inside this business. The police have also caught him many times but the police do not spoil him.

In addition, there are many liquor vendors who have a license for native liquor but are found selling English liquor. Gangs are also very common inside the illegal liquor business. One liquor kills another and captures his territory.

illegal business ideas Accountant business

Body trade is becoming a source of income nowadays. Many such women have now ventured into this business, whose purpose is only to earn money. Inside the raids killed in different places by the police, it is found that many women are committing suicide just to earn more money. this

4 types of women are pursuing this business in the matter of earning more money within a short time. The women who are caught say that they get up to 5000 rupees within an hour within this work which can be easily done in any other work. Can not meet her and after that she can easily enjoy a high lifestyle.

In 1997 the number of sex workers was 20 lakhs which increased to 3 million by 2003-04. A report prepared by the Department of Women and Child Development in 2006 also stated that 90 percent of sex workers in the country are between 15 and 35 years of age.

And the biggest thing is that today everyone from the people who work on the high posts inside the business of body trade are involved in it. Many times, even the officers of the big police have been found involved in jismaproshi or bad work and what to say about the leaders?

Responsible business is a thriving business inside India. And inside every city of the country, there have now become famous adhoc spaces where people go to fulfill their desires. And with this number two business, the middlemen earn the most. Online call girl booking has become the most common. Since the time the corona has spread inside India, the prostitute vrati has also been greatly affected and prostitutes have had problems with eating and drinking. Although there has been some good response since the opening of the lock-down. The government has enacted several laws to curb prostitution, but in the face of increasing population and unemployment, curbing prostitution has become very difficult.

From 1860 until the Prostitution Abolition Bill, 1956, all the laws have been ordinarily made to keep the brothels' business under control and control but none of these laws have been proved effective. Because there is not much provision of punishment inside it. Even when the police take the prostitutes by the police, she leaves them back because the police have no answer as to what they will eat if they leave this business.

Responsible business is not just a big problem. But due to this, many types of sexual diseases are spreading. When I was looking at an answer on Quora late last day, a user told that he had gone to a prostitute who had HIV. And he made an insecure relationship inside the mistake which resulted in him getting HIV. It is now that he is regretting it.

According to a report that came a few days ago, many women working on the brothel were confirmed to be the same. Many types of sexual diseases are becoming the center of this disease.

According to a news inside Asan 2017, inside the village of Natpurwa in Hardoi district of UP, the girls have a public bid and the same girl's parents and brothers also help in bidding. And the same practice has been going on for the last 400 years. On being asked by a news reporter, the girls there told that there is no marriage inside the village. And there is a school inside the village but no one attends the school. We also want that we study in school and we too get married. This useless practice should stop.

Overall, it has been seen that prostitution is more in those places in India where the poorer section lives. Due to the prostitute's huge earnings, most women go under compulsion under this business.

illegal business ideas Bridal market

Today the number of girls is decreasing very fast. And in such a situation it is becoming very difficult to meet the bride for the wedding of the boys in places like Haryana and Rajasthan. In this situation, many gangs have also become active. And they provide the bride in return for money. They charge 80 to 1 lakh for each bride. And there is no guarantee that the bride will stay with the boy or not? But once the money is received, the money is not refundable.

A lot of these types of gangs work. Those who rob boys in the name of marriage. Often you must have heard the name of such a lutely bride. One who marries once and then looted everything and escapes. Middlemen earn a lot of money and have fun with this type of business. There are some girls who marry again and again in different corners of the country and repeatedly get a huge amount of money for divorce.

Charas, Hemp, Smack Business

Charas, ganja, smack business is one of the largest number two businesses. The drug addiction of addiction and other drugs is very widespread inside India. And this work is stealthy. Because there is no bail after being caught with these things. The ैकmac Váigarah has its roots inside. The name of the bollywood has been revealed inside the drug case itself. And all the faces have been exposed. So that you can get an idea of ​​how narcotics like charas and hemp are spread. And it has even come to the hearing that narcotics from abroad are being brought and sold inside the film industry.

‌‌‌These drug users do not get caught easily and even if they get caught, then they are very influential and money people who are easily missed on their own.

Hope you liked the article number two. If you liked the article, then you can comment by commenting below. And if you have any suggestion, then definitely do suggest it.


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