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what's the opposite {antonyms} of a “past”?

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opposite [antonyms] word of a “past”



Opposite / antonyms

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Antonyms and meanings of past

Friends, you know very well about the word past. Actually we are taking the meaning of past here since yesterday, the meaning of past is that which has passed. And that which gets stuck inside the past, we call it ghost or ghost. It is just the name of a stage after death.



Thus it can be said that a ghost is one who is stuck within the PAST period. When a person dies, his soul captures the thought of some past time and tries to fulfill that desire. For this reason, she can disturb other creatures as well. In this way you have already understood the meaning of PAST that the one who is stuck in the PAST period is PAST.


Meaning of Future ( past opposite word)

Future means tomorrow. For what is to come, we use the word future. Like we are going to do something in the coming days, then for that we will say that we are going to do such a work in the future. Similarly, in the future we are going to do something. Will do whatever. Will use the word future for that.


The Word of the Future is a word within which your imaginations are incorporated. Whatever you are about to do in the future. It doesn't exist in reality. Rather it happens within your imaginations. In this way the word future means that which is going to happen or you will do it within the coming days.


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ghost (PAST'S) wish story  

It is a matter of ancient times. A merchant lived inside a city. He used to carry some goods on a donkey every day towards the city. He used to get up at 4 in the morning and leave alone at 5 o'clock with his donkey. There was a deserted forest inside the road. But he was not a timid person.


And after selling the goods inside the city, he used to come to his house very quickly. Once due to the strike in the city, his goods did not sell quickly and he got evening there. He left the city at 8 o'clock in the night and when he found it in the forest, it was quite dark. The donkey was reluctant to even walk inside the darkness. So the merchant lit a lantern and sat on the donkey and started walking. In this way he walked a short distance and saw a weeping woman in front of him.


The merchant did not understand that so many nights had passed. Why is that woman crying alone inside the forest? She asked……….Who are you and why are you crying, what do you want?


……..my name is vasundhara and i need water. Very thirsty. And after that when the woman lifted her veil, the merchant's senses were blown away. Because he had never seen such a beautiful woman. The merchant got scared but courageously gave a bottle of water to the woman and said………… what are you doing in this forest for so many nights?


But the next moment the merchant saw that there was no one there. The water bottle given to him was kept empty there. After reaching home, he could not sleep the whole night. He could not understand what was such a beautiful woman doing inside that forest?


And the merchant had never seen this woman before. After that the merchant went to meet the people of his village as soon as he woke up in the morning and asked about a woman named Vasundhara but the villagers told that there was no such woman here.


After that the merchant reached another nearby village to find out about that woman and said to a person……….Do you know a woman named Vasundhara who is dead.


……what is Vasundhara a witch? And he said terribly nervous. It is very scary to take her name, Saab. Till now she has put many people to sleep. She was the daughter-in-law of this village who was put to death by her own husband. It is learned that he had taken revenge on everyone selectively. But no other human being was persecuted.


I myself met that witch many times but she told me that she only kills her enemies. Not the innocent.


……..rightly said, she asked me for water and disappeared after that.


…….. is your intention above that…..?


——- Many such people also thought of raping her after seeing her alone inside the forest and followed her but those great idiots did not know that it was a witch and were killed. Anyway, this is the case with people like this. It should be.


After saying this the old man left from there. And the merchant had understood the whole story. The merchant tied his sack to the bed and after that left back to his village. She had now come to know that she would no longer be a witch. Because he has completed his revenge.


Antonyms of PAST Within the article, we learned about the antonyms of PAST.

  past opposite word in english, past opposite of word, past opposite name, opposite word of past, opposite of past in english, antonyms of past in english, antonyms of past words, past antonyms in english, past antonyms word, past meaning antonyms.

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