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gemsoline tablet uses in english // side effect of gemsoline tablet

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Gemsoline tablet is prescribed for the treatment of many types of problems. Low blood calcium level, Vitamin D deficiency, Bone formation, Age related vision loss, Acne, Anemia, Bone diseases in renal osteodystrophy, Anorexia, Blood coagulation etc. If you are taking this medicine then you should have Your doctor should be consulted first and only then you should take this medicine.



The dosage of gemsoline tablet depends on the individual conditions. Especially age can vary according to gender. Apart from this, it also has some side effects. If any side effects appear after consuming the medicine then you should contact your doctor at once and you should follow the instructions given by your doctor.


gemsoline tablet uses in english

calcium deficiency

zinc deficiency






nutritional deficiency


gemsoline tablet uses for calcium deficiency


Gemsoline tablet is also used to overcome the deficiency of calcium. Calcium is a very useful mineral for the body which works to strengthen our teeth and bones. And 90 percent of the calcium inside the body is inside the teeth and bones. Apart from this, calcium is required for the functioning of the heart and other parts of the body. Also known as osteoporosis or osteopenia.


Children who do not get enough calcium. Their length is greatly reduced and due to its lack, you can see many symptoms. Some of them are like this. Such as muscle pain, fainting, depression, tooth decay and dry skin.


To check calcium deficiency, the doctor can do many tests, but blood test is usually done, inside which calcium deficiency is easily detected. Talking about the symptoms of calcium deficiency, many symptoms can appear inside it, so let's know about some symptoms of calcium deficiency.


If calcium deficiency occurs inside the body, then its symptoms are not visible immediately, but after a long time its symptoms are seen. Because the body keeps getting calcium from bones. But if there is a lack of calcium in the body for a long time, then the consequences can be dire.




loss of appetite

to be tired

epileptic seizures

fatal allergy

chest pain

high cholesterol level

tooth decay

gum disease

weak and poorly shaped nails

heart palpitations or abnormal heart beat

high blood pressure

There are many things available nowadays to make up for the deficiency of calcium. For example, you can consume calcium-rich foods. Or there are many types of medicines, with the help of which you can also supply calcium inside your body. These medicines should be taken only after consultation with the doctor.

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gemsoline tablet uses in english zinc deficiency

Friends, gemsoline tablet is also used inside zinc deficiency. And it is found inside food in a small amount. But inside the body it is also found in hair, eyes, nails, skin, liver, prostate and testes. Let us tell you that zinc helps a lot in the growing processes of any person. And it is also necessary for the development of the child. If you do not consume zinc within the proper amount, then you can see many types of symptoms inside you. Such as hair loss. And the smell and taste are reduced.


If there is a deficiency of zinc inside a person's body, then after that he should go to the doctor.


Everyone should take zinc supplements daily. If zinc supplements are not available in the right amount, then many of its symptoms start appearing inside the body, then under such a situation you need to pay more attention to zinc.


Now let us know that due to lack of zinc inside the body, which problems start to arise? These are symptoms in a way, by looking at which you can find out that there has been a problem of zinc inside the body.


Breast Cancer

prostate cancer



loss of appetite

dry skin

eye infection

Hair loss .

delicate nails


dandruff in hair

be short in stature

weakened immune system



Problems in smelling or tasting through the tongue.

decreased libido

frequent colds

skin rash

However, the deficiency of zinc inside the body is not easily detected. But if there is a deficiency of zinc in the body, then it is detected later. But if a woman is pregnant and lactating, then she should know about zinc. He should contact his doctor at once.



If someone is suddenly feeling dizzy and having a headache or is having a state of fainting, then it can be a sign of zinc deficiency.


Let us tell you that the most zinc is inside the meat. But if you are a vegetarian person then you can consume cashew, peas etc. With the help of which your body will get the supply of zinc.


Use of gemsoline tablet in hyperparathyroidism

Hyperparathyroidism occurs when the parathyroid gland produces too much parathyroid hormone. The parathyroid gland is located near our neck, which is the size of a pea. These glands release hormones which are very useful for our body.


Symptoms may not necessarily appear in the first stage of hyperparathyroidism, but some people may have symptoms. If symptoms appear then we should consult a doctor as soon as possible. That would be right.


If we talk about its symptoms, then many types of symptoms can appear. Some of which are like this. Fatigue, weakness, depression, body ache etc. More serious symptoms are loss of appetite, constipation, nausea and vomiting, excessive thirst, frequent urination, confusion, stones etc.


The condition of secondary hyperparathyroidism is much more serious. Many types of symptoms can appear inside it, such as bone fractures can also occur. Apart from this, problems like kidney spread and swelling are seen.


This problem occurs due to overactive parathyroid glands. If you get it treated by the doctor at the right time, then the problem gets cured gradually. But if the treatment is not done at the right time, then instead of getting cured, the problem gets worse.

Heartburn problem

Friends, gemsoline tablet is also used for the problem of heartburn. This is a kind of problem in which it happens that the food which is in the stomach starts coming inside the throat due to pressure. Due to this there are problems of burning in the chest. Because of this, a bitter taste is also felt inside the mouth. If it is not treated on time, then after that it takes the form of a serious problem. If we talk about the symptoms of burning inside the chest, then many symptoms can appear. So let's know about those symptoms well.


Because of this, there may be a burning sensation inside the chest. And usually this burning sensation occurs only after eating food.

And due to the burning sensation in the chest, this problem is considered to be a problem related to heart. But in reality this is not such a problem.

Apart from this, due to this problem, there is a lot of trouble in lying down and sleeping.

And if this problem persists for a long time, then it causes a lot of damage to the top layer of the teeth and due to this, the tingling inside the teeth increases.

A sour taste may also be felt inside the throat.

If the burning sensation inside the chest does not get better on its own, then after that it should be shown to the doctor. And with the help of the right dosage of medicine, it can be cured very easily. You should see a doctor if you have difficulty swallowing or vomiting


Apart from this, if there is difficulty in breathing then it is necessary to see the doctor.


Well you can make changes in your lifestyle. Due to which the problem of burning inside the chest gets relief very easily. You have to pay more attention to some things inside your lifestyle, only then the problem can be corrected.


If you smoke then you have to stop smoking it increases the problem.

Nowadays we consume more caffeine-rich foods like tea etc. Because of this, the problem of burning in the chest is also more. So the consumption of tea has to be reduced.

Chocolate can also increase the problem of heartburn.

reduce consumption of citrus fruits

reduce tomato consumption

do not drink alcohol

don't eat spicy food

And work after eating, do not lie down.

Use of gemsoline tablet in acidity

Friends, stomach gas has become the problem of every person nowadays. The problem of gas formation in the stomach has become quite common these days. Due to the formation of gas in the stomach, the stomach starts feeling very bloated and after that there is a problem of burning inside the lower part of the chest. If the problem of stomach gas becomes more, then after that pain starts inside the parts of the body.


Due to stomach gas, there is a burning sensation inside the chest. And it gets worse by lying down after a meal.

Burning of the stomach can come up to the throat. And once this pressure gets inside the throat, it can make the taste of the mouth even worse.

Excessive belching and bitter taste in the mouth.

nausea or vomiting.

stomach enlargement.

Persistent dry cough.


Throat problems such as sore throat

There may be pain inside the throat

There may be difficulty in swallowing.

There may be pain inside the chest.

Bad breath can occur

Black stool may come out.

Nowadays everyone has acidity because of the problem of eating and drinking. Now it has become a kind of common problem. But if we pay proper attention to food and drink, then the problem of stomach gas can also be relieved to a great extent. Reflux problem occurs during pregnancy. Due to which the throat can also become sore.


The most common problem of stomach gas is due to tea. If you consume tea, then your chances of having stomach gas problem increase. Therefore, at least consume tea, it will be right for you.


Apart from this, you should also reduce the consumption of fried food. If you consume more fried food then it can cause gas. This type of food takes a long time to digest which creates gas.


There is no permanent cure for the problem of stomach gas. Just you have to improve your food and drink only then this problem will be solved otherwise nothing will happen. Medicines will cure once but then the same problem will come back.

Osteoporosis gemsoline tablet

Osteoporosis is a type of condition. Inside which the bones become very weak. And there is an increased chance of fractures within the bones even with normal work. Osteoporosis-related fractures mostly occur in the hip, wrist or spine. This disease can affect both women and men. But it affects those women inside it more. Whose menstruation has stopped. In India, about 26 million suffer from this problem. And this problem mostly occurs when nutrition is not available then this problem occurs.


Primary osteoporosis usually goes undetected at first and is most common in women. This problem starts after the menstruation stops.

Secondary osteoporosis is usually caused by hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or leukemia. And there are many types of medicines that work to make bones weak. If you take those medicines. So because of this also the bones become very weak. These drugs include drugs to treat cancer and drugs related to thyroid.

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a rare disorder that can be present in a baby since birth. For no reason, the child gets fractured again and again. However there is no reason for this.

If we talk about the symptoms of osteoporosis, then you can see many of its symptoms. With the help of which you can identify it very easily.


If osteoporosis occurs, the gums gradually begin to loosen and the grip of the teeth becomes very loose. If this is happening to you then you should get checked by your doctor.

Apart from this, when there is weakness related to bones, then there is a decrease in the ability to hold hands. You can't hold someone tight enough. This is a sign of weakness inside your bones.

The strength of the nails can indicate the health of the bones. Due to this the nails become very weak.

There is a contraction inside the spinal cord, due to which the length is greatly reduced. You have to keep this thing in mind.

Fractures are also a symptom of this. When bones become very weak, then the problem of frequent fractures inside them increases greatly.

Nutritional Deficiency

Friends, if you want to operate your body properly, then you have to put nutrition inside your body in the right amount. If the body is not able to get nutrition within the right amount, then the body becomes very weak and problems start to occur. Elements like fats, carbohydrates and proteins are very important for your body to run properly.


When the body does not get the nutrients within the required amount, it is known as malnutrition and it is known as nutrient deficiency. It can lead to digestive diseases, skin diseases, poor bone development and dementia. And more and more population inside the whole world is struggling with the problem of nutrition.


By the way, let us tell you that there is no one nutrient inside your body. But there are many nutrients inside your body. And each nutrient deficiency can lead to different diseases and problems. So let us know what can be the symptoms of nutritional deficiency?



below normal weight


muscle cramps

hair fall

yellowing of the skin

heavy head, dizziness

sores in the mouth

numbness in fingers

mental illness

very fragile of bones

If the above-mentioned symptoms are seen on someone, then he should go to his doctor as soon as possible because many problems arise due to lack of nutrients. And there are many reasons behind the lack of nutrients.


For example, if the body is unable to absorb nutrients many times, then there is a lack of nutrients inside the body.

Similarly, if someone has the problem of colon cancer, then there is a lack of nutrients inside his body.

Apart from this, if there is an infection inside the stomach, then due to that there is a lack of nutrients inside the body.

Apart from this, many times we are not able to absorb the nutrients, due to which there is a deficiency of nutrients.

Is it okay to drink alcohol after taking gemsoline tablet?

Friends, if you are taking gemsoline tablet. And after that if you consume alcohol then it will not be right because alcohol consumption hinders the absorption of calcium, then you should not consume alcohol at all before or after using this medicine Rest you can consult your doctor who will instruct you to do the same.


Can gemsoline tablet be used during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, use higher doses of Gemsoline than the daily dietary allowance only if advised by a doctor. Calcitriol in excess can harm the fetus. And you should contact your doctor once about this and you should follow the instructions that your doctor gives you. That would be right for you.


Will gemsoline tablet be safe for lactating women?

Friends, if you use gemsoline tablet for lactating women, then calcium can enter into the milk. That's why you should consult your doctor once which your doctor instructs you, you should follow the same once.


What to do about expired Gemsoline Tablet?

If the gemsoline tablet has expired, then you should not take this kind of tablet. Otherwise it can harm you. You throw these tablets out of your house. And don't use them. Because if you keep them inside the house, then there will be a problem because you may consume them by mistake. Due to which you may have to face a lot of loss.


The disadvantage of consuming expired medicine is that it gives you less benefit and more harm. And that's why doctors direct that expired medicine should not be consumed. It wouldn't be right.


How can we store Gemsoline Tablet?

Friends, storing Gemsoline Tablet is a very easy task. One, you should keep this medicine out of reach of children as children may swallow the medicine and this can put you in big trouble. The second could be this. That you should never keep this medicine under strong sunlight, if you keep this medicine under strong sunlight, it may worsen this medicine. And later you may suffer from it.


It is also not advisable to keep this medicine inside the fridge. Because if you keep this medicine inside the fridge, then this medicine can also become very bad. Therefore, the medicine should not be kept inside the fridge even by mistake. You can keep this medicine at room temperature. So that it will be easily corrected. Overall everything will be good.


What to do after taking an overdose of Gemsoline Tablet?

Friends, if you have consumed an overdose of Gemsoline Tablet you may face a lot of trouble. You should follow the instructions given by the doctor. If you have consumed an overdose of the medicine and if you do not notice any side effects


 So there's nothing to worry about. But if any side effect is visible after consuming the medicine in excess quantity, then you should contact your doctor as soon as possible because after the passage of time the side effect becomes quite dangerous then you can do all this. If there is a doctor present near you, then you should also contact him so that everything will be fine.


What if I miss a dose of Gemsoline Tablet?

If you miss any dose of Gemsoline Tablet then you do not need to worry at all. All you have to do is not to forget to take two doses together. If you take any two doses together then it can be quite fatal for you. And friends, if you have missed the first dose, then if it is time for the second dose, then the first dose should be skipped. And in its place another dose should be taken. That would be right for you.


What can lead to the use of Gemsoline Tablet?

If you take Gemsoline Tablet then it does not develop any kind of addiction in you. You can easily consume this medicine. It does not harm in any way. And it is not like alcohol and any other kind of drug addiction develop in you. You can stop taking this medicine whenever you want. But then you should stop using it. When your doctor consults you. You should not stop taking this medicine without consultation.


When should I stop using Gemsoline Tablet

Friends, if you are using Gemsoline Tablet. And if you want to discontinue its use then you must consult your doctor at once. If your doctor gives you any instructions then you should take this medicine should stop using it. If you stop using such medicine, then you may be harmed. And if you stop the medicine before the problem is completely cured, then the symptoms can return.


 At what frequency should I use Gemsoline Tablet?

If you are using Gemsoline Tablet then you should take this medicine at proper time. If you take this medicine more or less often then it can cause harm. You talk to your doctor about this. And you should follow the instructions your doctor gives you. Your doctor will tell you how often you should use the medicine. So that your disease is completely cured.


For how long can I use this medicine if my conditions are improving significantly after taking Gemsoline Tablet?

Friends, if your conditions are improving you may use Gemsoline Tablet until you are told to stop it. You talk to your doctor about this and your doctor will tell you for how long you should take this medicine? So that your problem will be completely solved. Otherwise, if you stop this medicine on your own, then your problem will not go away.


Gemsoline Tablet can be used for deficiency of vitamin d

Gemsoline Tablet can be used in case of Vitamin D deficiency. But first you have to consult your doctor about it and the instructions that your doctor gives you. Accordingly, this medicine should be consumed by you. If you start taking such medicine then you may have to face its harmful effects. Therefore, the use of medicine should be done judiciously.


What are the side-effects of using Gemsoline Tablet?

You may experience some side-effects if you are taking Gemsoline Tablet. They should follow. That would be right for you.


stomach ache


stomach cramps


high levels of calcium in the blood

increased blood creatinine

urinary tract infection

loss of appetite






dry mouth


muscle pain

bone pain

metallic taste

If you see any of the above symptoms, you should contact your doctor. In case of more problems talk to your doctor and you should follow what your doctor instructs you. Although not all people get to see terrible side effects, then you have nothing to worry about.

What are the precautions that need to be taken regarding Gemsoline Tablet?

A number of precautions may be required from you if you are consuming Gemsoline Tablet. If you have any kind of disease, then first of all tell it to your doctor. For example, if you are a woman and breast-feeding, it is important to tell your doctor about it. Apart from this, pregnant women should tell their doctor about it. If you are already taking any medicine, then it is important to tell your doctor about it too.


If you tell the doctor about your recent condition correctly, then the doctor gives you medicine accordingly. And you don't have to face any kind of problem. That's why it becomes important to tell your doctor about your problem properly.


If you have pancreas disease, do not forget to tell your doctor about it.

If you have problems like weakness, headache, constipation, metallic taste, anorexia, abdominal pain, then it is important to tell your doctor about it too.

Tell your doctor if you have kidney stones.

kidney disease

heart disease

Interactions with Gemsoline Tablet

Friends, Gemsoline Tablet is not to be used with certain medications. Usually the doctor himself takes care of all these things. But we make this mistake. Usually like doctors give us 5 different types of medicines. And we start taking all the medicines at the same time. This is a wrong way of consuming the medicine. You should not take all the medicines at the same time. If you have been given five types of pills, then you should take them at different times. So that the risk of erythex is reduced.





Ascorbic Acid



Apart from these, there are many medicines which can do harm. So it would not be right to take them together. You should consult your doctor. He will give you the right opinion.


There is no improvement in the condition after taking Gemsoline Tablet, what to do?

Even after consuming Gemsoline Tablet if there is no improvement in your condition then you must immediately contact your doctor and stop taking this medicine. Your doctor may change some medicines. Which can improve your situation.


How can I use Gemsoline Tablet?

If you are taking Gemsoline Tablet then you should take it only after food. Apart from this, you can also read the label written on the medicine. Everything is given on it. And you can swallow the medicine with water. You do not have to crush the medicine. If you break the medicine, your whole mouth may become saline. Because of this, it can be swallowed directly with water. Apart from this, you should contact your doctor once about its dosage. And that will work to determine the right dosage for you.


Allergic problem after taking Gemsoline Tablet

Friends, if you are taking Gemsoline Tablet. And even after that you are having allergy problem, then many people have this problem. There is nothing to worry about in this. You should take rest advice from your doctor and contact your doctor as per your doctor's instructions. It should be followed. And your doctor may have you stop this medicine. In return, you can also give you some other kind of medicine.


Where can I buy Gemsoline Tablet

About buying Gemsoline Tablet, we have told you that you can easily buy it. It is easily available at nearby medical stores. If it is not available at the medical store then you can also buy it online. There are many types of webs that sell medicines. You can buy this medicine very easily from there too. This is a good way with the help of which you can buy the medicine within a low price.


Can Gemsoline Tablet be given to children?

To give or not to give Gemsoline Tablet to children? You should consult your doctor about this and you should follow the instructions given by your doctor. Is it better to give this medicine to children or not? You should consult a doctor about this. Your doctor will tell you whether you should or should not give this medicine to children.

gemsoline tablet uses, gemsoline tablet benefits, gemsoline medicine used for, gemsoline medicine side effects, what is gemsoline used for.


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