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vertigon tablet uses in english or side effect

 vertigon tablet uses in english, vertigon tablet dosage, vertigon tablet side effects, vertigon tablet 1mg, what is vertigon tablet used for, use of vertigon tablet, use of vertigon medicine , vertigon medicine uses.

Vertigon tablet is meant for patients suffering from dizziness, unsteadiness or imbalance. It is often prescribed to patients with Ménire's disease. Betahistine was first registered in the 1970s for the treatment of Ménire's disease and is currently available in a variety of brands.



If we talk about the dosage of this medicine, then the dosage of this medicine can be different on the basis of age, disease and gender. Your doctor will write this medicine under the prescription, only then you have to use it. There may be some side effects of this medicine such as drowsiness, nausea or vomiting, weight gain, etc.


All these are not permanent. These are temporary and disappear on their own after some time. And what are the side effects of it? We will try to know about this in detail also.



 vertigon tablet uses in english

Vomiting while traveling




Vertigon tablet uses in english Vomiting while traveling

Motion sickness or vomiting while traveling is a very common problem. The problem of vomiting in travel is very high, especially in children of 6 to 12 years and in women. And especially this problem occurs when the journey is long. Although vomiting in travel is not the cause of a big problem but it can bother you. After some time its symptoms get better on their own, so you do not need to worry much about it. However, its symptoms can bother you a lot.



By the way, you come to know easily about vomiting in the journey. So you can move to a safer seat. You should know about this. Apart from this, some of its symptoms are like this.


increased salivation

barely breathe



blurry vision


falling asleep

If you take proper care of some things in the journey, then it can be stopped. If you vomit while traveling, then always sit near the glass so that air can easily come in.

Do not sit in the back seat because if the bus is deceiving more, then the chances of vomiting increase more.

You should not travel inside the bus which is overcrowded because the chances of vomiting inside are the highest. You should understand about it very well.

You can chew gum while traveling, so that you are less likely to vomit.

 People who vomit should not sit inside such a car or bus. It can cause vomiting.

You can chew garlic while traveling, it can also be very beneficial for you.

vertigon tablet uses in english

The problem of dizziness is known as spinning of the head. By the way, dizziness can also be a common problem. But sometimes it can also be a serious problem. If someone is having the problem of dizziness, then tell him openly about it to the doctor so that the problem can be recognized properly and its treatment can be possible. Friends, there can be many reasons for dizziness. The disease is diagnosed only after identifying those causes. Many times what happens is that there is a light headache and then there is dizziness, this type of times you see things moving around before the dizziness and after that the dizziness comes. In this way, there may be situations of dizziness.



If we talk about the symptoms of dizziness, then there can be many symptoms that we will need to consider, so let us know about these symptoms.


Losing control when standing or sitting.

Head tilt to one side.

Mild headache and feeling faint.

Difficulty sitting or staying in one position.

Feeling myself falling forward and backward.

your position by looking at the ground below

By the way, you can easily know when you are dizzy. But if you come to know then you should sit there because if you get dizzy then you can fall and you can get very serious injury, then you have to be careful about this too, just lie down.


Although the problem of dizziness is common, but if you see some of the below-mentioned symptoms, then it becomes very important to see a doctor after that. like


to faint

chest pain


high fever

hard to see

hearing loss

head injury

having a headache

Friends, what happens sometimes that dizziness can also happen due to headache.

You can feel dizzy even when you are under stress.

Apart from this, due to infection in the ear can also cause dizziness, due to which your hearing ability does not work properly.

If for any reason there is an injury to the ear or if there is an injury inside the head, then it can also cause dizziness.

Dizziness can also be caused by the use of drugs that control heart rate. You should take care about this.

It can be caused by a blockage of blood vessels leading from the heart to the brain.

If there is dizziness many times, then its symptoms can be very serious. And you should tell your doctor about this condition as soon as possible. Only your doctor can solve the problem.



If there is a multiple head injury, it can also cause dizziness and because of this head surgery may be needed. You should pay attention to this.

 vertigon tablet uses in english

Vertigo is a type of dizziness. But it is a little different from normal dizziness. What happens inside this is that the surrounding things appear to be moving. The reason for this can usually be mental agitation and confusion. And this problem can usually happen to a diver and pilots operating in the water. By the way, let us tell you that to get rid of this type of problem, no treatment is required. It fixes itself. But in reality, sometimes this problem also requires treatment.


Is vertigo tablet suitable for pregnant women?

Vertigon tablet is not safe for pregnant women. If you are a pregnant woman, then this medicine should be consumed only on the advice of a doctor. If you take this medicine in the wrong way then it can harm you. Especially your unborn child can be more harmed. Therefore, it will be very good if pregnant women stay away from it.


Is the use of vertigon tablet safe for pregnant women?

If lactating women take this medicine, then vertigon tablet can harm them. If you are consuming then stop consuming them and consult your doctor. Vertigon tablet can harm your baby, so you will need to think about it properly.


Vertigon tablet can cause damage to the kidney

Yes, it can cause mild damage to your kidneys. If you already have any kind of kidney problem then you should talk to your doctor once and only then you should take this medicine. Tell your doctor about your kidney problem then only this medicine will be best used for you.


What is the effect of vertigo tablet on the liver?

If you are taking vertigon tablet and you have any liver problem then you should contact your doctor at once and as your doctor gives you instructions. You must obey it. That would be in your best interest.


What are the side-effects of vertigon tablet on heart?

Vertigon tablet does not have any side effect on your heart. So it is completely safe for you. But if you have any kind of problem related to heart then you can take this medicine. It will be very beneficial for you. Otherwise you need to talk to your doctor once and you need to follow the instructions that the doctor gives you. Can you understand .


What is the addiction of taking vertigon tablet?

No, taking vertigon tablet does not cause any kind of addiction. If you consume it then it does not make you addicted like a drug. You can easily leave it.


Is it safe to drive or operate heavy machinery after taking vertigo tablet?

No, after taking Vertigon tablet, you should not drive or use heavy machinery of any kind. This is because this medicine affects your brain. Due to which you start feeling sleepy and can get tired. Due to which your alertness may disappear. So after taking the medicine you should lie down for some time and after that when the mind becomes calm then you can start work.


How safe is it to take vertigon tablet

Although it is safe to take vertigon tablet, but if you take it on the advice of a doctor, then it is safe for you. But it is not safe if you do not take it on doctor's advice.


Can you take vertigon tablet for the treatment of mental problems?

Friends, you cannot take Vertigon tablet for the treatment of mental problems. If you have any kind of mental problem then you should contact your doctor at once. He will give you a variety of other medicines.

 Is it safe to drink alcohol after vertigo tablet?

No, you should not drink alcohol after taking Vertigon tablet. You should wait for few hours for this. Otherwise a serious reaction may occur. Apart from this, talk to your doctor and only then take any appropriate step.


With which foods vertigon tablet is not safe?

If you are taking vertigon tablet, then which foods you should consume and which foods should not be consumed. You should consult your doctor about this and you should only do what your doctor says.


What to do if you forget to take the vertigo tablet?

Friends, if you forget to take any dose of Vertigon tablet, then there is no problem. But you should never forget to take two doses together. This could be a problem. If you forget the first dose, then forget it and if it is time for the second dose, then take the second dose. Taking two doses together can cause a variety of side effects in you.


Where can we buy vertigon tablet?

The doctor usually prescribes the vertigo tablet, so you can buy it from any medical store. But if you do not get this medicine at the medical store then you can buy it from any online store. But you should use this medicine only when you doctor gives you this medicine by prescription. If the doctor does not give you a prescription, then you should not use this medicine.


What are the precautions associated with vertigon tablet?

Friends, if you are taking vertigo tablet, then you should be aware of some precautions properly. There are some such precautions inside it like


This medicine is not for children under 18 years of age. Do not use this medicine if you are under 18 years of age, so using this medicine in any way may put you at risk.

If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor once before using this medicine and follow the instructions given by your doctor.

Breastfeeding women should also consult their doctor before taking this medicine as they may need to be more careful if this medicine can have a very serious effect on their baby.

Bronchial Asthma / Asthma patients should tell the doctor about their disease. So that the problem does not become more. You should do what the doctor instructs you.

If there is a problem of peptic ulcer / ulcer in the stomach, then you should avoid taking this medicine. And you should consult your doctor about this.

If you have the problem of Pheochromocytoma then you should consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

If you are currently taking any kind of medicine, then tell your doctor about it and you should do only what your doctor gives you, it will be necessary for you.

If you have respiratory problems, then you should also tell your doctor about it so that there is no problem of any kind. And you can easily take advantage of this medicine.

If you have gastric or intestinal problems then you should not take this medicine. Otherwise, it can be very harmful for you, tell your doctor about it. That would be right for you.

Apart from this, if you have any kind of allergy to this type of medicine, then also tell your doctor about it and you should also follow the instructions that your doctor gives you. The same would be true for you.

What can be the side effects of vertigon tablet?

Friends, if you consume vertigo tablet, then it can have many side effects. Which you should know about. If you see any of these side effects, then you should contact your doctor at once.


excessive sweating

unusual tiredness and weakness


dry mouth


gaining weight


nausea and vomiting

abdominal discomfort and pain

muscle twitches and abnormal movements

yellowing of eyes or skin

excessive salivation

swelling of the face, lips, eyelids, tongue, hands, and feet

depressed mood

muscle stiffness

Where is the vertigo tablet available?

Friends, you can get Vertigon tablet very easily. You can buy it from any medical store. And if you do not get it at the medical store, then you can easily buy it online as well. Overall it is a good tablet. However, you should use this medicine only when your doctor writes about it and you should not use this medicine on your own.


In how much time can vertigo tablet fix the problem?

Friends, we cannot tell in how much time vertigon tablet will cure someone's problem, but you should consult your doctor about this and only your doctor can tell that within how much time this medicine can cure the problem. So do not forget to talk to your doctor about this.


There is no improvement even after taking vertigo tablet, what to do?

Even after taking Vertigon tablet, if there is no improvement in your health, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible and stop taking this medicine. It may be that many times the doctors are not able to catch your disease, due to which someone else has to give medicine and give something else.


What can be a substitute for vertigo tablet?

Diziron 75 MG Tablet

Stugeron 75 MG Tablet

Vergo 75 MG Tablet

Alkem Laboratories Ltd

What to do in case of overdose of vertigon tablet

Friends, by the way, you should not take any medicine by forgetting the overdose. But even if you take it by mistake, then you should contact your doctor as soon as possible and follow the instructions given by your doctor. Overdose of the drug can lead to various symptoms such as drowsiness, fatigue, increased heart rate, mild agitation. It is necessary.


How to keep the vertigo tablet

Friends, you should keep the vertigo tablet in the right way. The first thing is that you have to avoid keeping this medicine under sunlight. If you keep it under sunlight, it may spoil this medicine, then you should not do this. Secondly, it is also very important that you keep the medicine out of reach of children. The reason is that children can swallow this medicine and it can cause problems for you later, so you must keep this medicine out of reach of children.


Apart from this, the vertigo tablet should not be kept inside the fridge. If you keep this medicine inside a freezer, the medicine may go bad. You can keep it at room temperature, friends, in this way you can maintain this medicine properly.


Sour belching after taking vertigon tablet, what to do?

After taking vertigon tablet, if any kind of sour belching is coming, then you should not panic much. Because it is a kind of side effect. Not much to worry though. This side effect will go away on its own.


Can I get stomach pain after taking vertigon tablet?

Yes, stomach pain can occur after taking Vertigon tablet. It doesn't matter if it hurts less. But if there is more abdominal pain then you should contact your doctor. And follow the instructions given by your doctor. That would be fine for you.


What is excessive sweating after taking Vertigon tablet?

Friends, if you are taking vertigo tablet. And if you are sweating more after consuming it, then you do not have to worry. This is a side effect of this medicine. Well it is not harmful in any way. This problem fixes itself. You should understand this very well.


How to take Vertigon tablet dosage

Friends, the dosage of vertigo tablet depends on many things. You can take it after eating food. And it varies depending on gender and age. You should consult with your doctor about this and the instructions given by the doctor. Accordingly, you should consume the dosage. Do not make any changes within the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise it can prove to be very fatal for you. Take the same dosage as you have been told.


When should we stop taking vertigo tablet?

Friends, if you are using vertigo tablet, then you should use it until your problem is completely cured. If the problem is completely cured then after that you should stop the use of this medicine after consulting the doctor but without consulting the doctor should not stop this medicine.

Can vertigon tablet be used for heart and blood vessel disorders?

Yes this medicine can be used inside heart and blood vessel disorder. But for this you have to consult your doctor. And you have to follow the instructions given by your doctor. Friends, this medicine should not be used without the permission of the doctor. Otherwise you will suffer. This medicine can also be used to treat blood circulation disorders caused due to narrowing of vessels


Can vertigon tablet be used for the elderly?

Vertigon tablet can be used for older persons. But there is a lot of risk involved in this. So you should use it only after consulting your doctor. Vertigon tablet should be used with great care for older persons.


Is this medicine suitable for patients suffering from hypotension?

The problem of low blood pressure is seen in some people. The blood flow inside their arteries is reduced. When the blood flow is too low, the vital senses such as the brain, heart and kidneys do not get oxygen and nutrients, due to which these senses cannot function normally. If the problem lasts for a long time, then it causes permanent damage to the nerves. Due to low blood pressure, there is a high risk of heart and brain, which can lead to the death of a person. If a person with low blood pressure is taking vertigon tablet, then it can lower their blood pressure even further. And later the problem can get worse. It would be better if such people consume it only after consulting a doctor.


Can vertigo tablet be used in glaucoma?

The use of vertigon tablet should be done with caution in the diseases of the eye. If a patient of glaucoma is suffering from glaucoma, then he should use this medicine very carefully. Before using vertigon tablet should consult with his doctor. And after that it is very important to follow the instructions given by the doctor. You should understand this very well.


What is the effect of this medicine in depression?

Vertigon tablet should not be used in case of depression. If you are suffering from any kind of depression then you should tell your doctor about it and vertigon tablet doctor gives you on prescription then you should consume it. You should not consume this tablet by itself. Because you do not know about it.


Is it necessary to take this medicine in case of Parkinson's disease?

If you use vertigon tablet in Parkinson's disease, then you should be careful about it. Because it can increase your problem. Tell your doctor about it and you should follow what your doctor gives you. And if you go according to the instructions that the doctor says, then this medicine does not cause any kind of side effect.


In this article, we have come to know about many questions related to vertigon tablet, hope that you would have liked it. If you have any question regarding this, then let us know by commenting below. That would be right for you.

  vertigon tablet uses in english, vertigon tablet dosage, vertigon tablet side effects, vertigon tablet 1mg, what is vertigon tablet used for, use of vertigon tablet, use of vertigon medicine , vertigon medicine uses.



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