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what is the opposite of king in english and Antonym word of king


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Opposite of king in English and Antonym word of king


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King (rank) in English


King in kannada


King in urdu



King in bengali



King in tamil






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1. Antonyms and meanings of king


The antonym of king is the word. queen or queen. Well, you have already known about the word Raja. Because there is a history of kings inside the whole world. A king is said to be a person who rules over a particular land area. There have been many kings in ancient times. The name of Maharana Pratap comes inside these great kings. Whose name everyone must have heard. Those who also ate grass bread for their mother land. And never went in front of Akbar's court.


Just as there is a land under the king. Similarly, the king also has an army. With the help of which he protects his land. Generally speaking of ancient times or today except a few kings, none of the kings performed human religion. As soon as he would have taken possession of the kingdom of another king. Similarly, it used to start atrocities on the women and children there. This was the reason that a king would even put his life on the line to save his kingdom.


2. Meaning and Meaning of Rank

You must have heard the word rank too. The story of Raj and Runk is very popular. Rank means one who has nothing. Runk is a kind of person who has nothing to lose. In fact, when a king was removed from his post, then this word was used for him that the cycle of time is such that it does not take long for the king to become a rook.


In this way you must have understood the meaning of rank. No one wants to be a rank, but time makes it so. Everything is subject to time.


3. Meaning of Queen

Actually, you do not need to tell the meaning of Queen. Queen means the wife of the king. The wife of a king is known as Queen.


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4. Story of the King and the Runk (poor king)

It is a matter of ancient times. Inside a kingdom, a cruel man named Vasudhev used to rule. His cruelty was so great that the people were very much unhappy because of him. But the people could not do anything. The reason for this was that if the king came to know that the subjects were going to revolt, he would have already killed the rebels publicly. Once inside the kingdom some saints came and organized a meeting but as soon as the king came to know That the saints are organizing the meeting, he caught all the saints and put them inside the jail.


After that the saints were presented inside the court on the second day.


……….Look king you are doing this wrong. You will definitely get the punishment for your misdeeds. Understand what the saints said.


……..hey who will punish me for my deeds. Till date it has not been born like this. And the foolish king started laughing.


There is a law of law. You do not know the speed of the time cycle. Understand and stop this tyranny.


——— Foolish saint, you explain to the king. You do not have the status to talk to me. Soldiers cut off the head of this saint.


On receiving the order of the king, some soldiers ran and beheaded the saint.


……why did not say that the saint did not throw knowledge in front of me, but if I did not listen, then he was killed. The king laughed out loud


…….. the foolish king will be your destruction. Another saint spoke very fast and upon hearing this the king got angry and ordered to behead the saint.


In this way, the king put two saints to death and locked the rest inside the jail. But due to this incident, the king was very scared. Because he had heard that the consequences of atrocities on the saints are terrible.


The same night when the king was sleeping, his younger brother broke both the eyes of the king and put him in jail. And started ruling himself, he also freed all the saints.


Vasudhev Daiva was quite shocked and disturbed inside the jail. The saint came to him and said……….. fool today you cannot see us but we can see you. You know today that time is strong. He also has the ability to make the king a rook. If you had understood at that time, then today you would not have to see this day. Today you have got the punishment for your sins. But there will be much more. Now your kingdom is over. Your brother's conscience was awakened which he took you to the right place. If you had not tortured the saints, then perhaps you would not have had this condition.


Saying this, the saint left from there, but the poor king kept on shedding tears of blood while sitting inside the jail. He was feeling very sorry now but now there was no one to listen to him. Because he had done so many wrong things in his whole life that now no one could even trust him.


In this way time is the most powerful. Time definitely teaches him everything.


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